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Trump Tower – NY

The Trump Tower, as the name suggests is a building that is owned by the chairman and president of The Trump Organization, Donald Trump. The construction of the Trump Tower started in the year 1979 and was completed in 1983. The height of the Trump Tower is 202 m or 663 Ft and it has a floor count of 68 floors. The architect who designed the Trump Tower was Der Scutt while the structural engineer was Irwin Cantor and Donald Trump was the developer.

The Trump Tower is a building that has residential apartments, retail stores and offices. It is located on 725 Fifth Avenue, New York. The Trump Tower serves as the headquarters for the Trump Organization and the Primary penthouse is the residence of Donald Trump. The Trump Tower now has a special significance and has become a very important part of the United States.

The Trump Tower is not only there in New York City, instead it is also built in Chicago as well as Istanbul. The architecture of the building is absolutely magnificent and it looks different. If you see the building from afar then you can easily identify it as the Trump Tower. This is because it has a unique architecture which look majestic.

The location of the Trump Tower is the former site of the Bonwit Teller flagship store. It was a renowned building which was recognized for its architecture. The building was later demolished in 1980 by Donald Trump. It was originally intended by Trump that all the art and sculptures, including the ornate Grille which was above the entrance to be removed and given to the Museum of Art. This was unable to be done because all the sculptures were destroyed due to general hazard concerns. Other reasons for the destruction of these items was the expense and the time it would take to remove them.

Der Scutt, who was the chief architect of the Trump Tower was not pleased to hear that the sculptures were destroyed because he hoped to use them in the lobby of the new building. This idea was rejected by Trump because he wanted a more contemporary design. The Trump Tower is a very tall building; it is the 64 th tallest building in New York City. It is a shear wall core structure with reinforced concrete and was the tallest structure of the type in New York City upon completion.

The exterior columns of the building are tied to a concrete hat-truss to the concrete core. This feature increases the strength of the building so that it is able to resist other lateral forces such as minor earthquakes or winds. A similar architectural design and structure was used for the Trump World Tower. The Trump Tower is undoubtedly a piece of art, especially when you consider the fact that it was almost impossible to erect such a tall structure in a small space. After great planning and putting in a lot of thought, the architects of Trump Tower were able to pull it off.

The whole building is not open to the public. Mirror and brass is use throughout the building, it is used in the Office lobby, Fifth Avenue and the five level atrium. The atrium features a 60-foot- high internal waterfall, there is also a suspended walkway above the shops and cafes. A pedestrian bridge that crosses the waterfalls pool is also in the building. According to the Forbes Magazine, the value of the Trump Tower is $318 million. According to some reports, Donald Trump was paying a $100 million mortgage on the property. The Trump Tower was also used as a setting for the NBC television show, The Apprentice.

The Trump Tower, has a total number of 68 floors or stories above 5 th avenue and between east 56 th and east 57 th streets. The Trump Tower is one of New Yorks, most popular attractions and has been so since its completion in 1983. When the Trump Tower was built, it was the tallest all-glass building in New York. It is still one of the most unique looking and most beautiful structures in the city.

The first 26 floors of the Trump Tower comprise of luxury offices, the offices are provide top quality services to the building’s commercial tenants. The commercial tenants are perhaps Trump Tower’s most valued assets; the building seems to provide them with the best services so that they are able to work in their offices easily.

The residential floors comprise of 30 floors, it is accessible through a private entrance on the 56 th street.If you look at the residential condominiums of the building then you will realize that it is one of the best hat you will ever find. They are one of the world’s elite luxury residences. Many famous people, publicfigures, celebrities and athletes live at the Trump Tower, these include people like Bruce Willis and Cristiano Ronaldo. If you look at the atrium of the Trump Tower, then the first thing that you will notice is the beautiful and gorgeous waterfall that runs through the atrium. You will see the Trump Grille and the Trump Bar on its entrance and lower levels. A flagship Gucci store is there at the 5 th avenue corner of the building.

New York City is perhaps one of the most popular cities in the world. It is a city that has many visitor search year. It is the perfect place for tourism and has the sites and attractions to prove it. The weather or climate of New York varies a lot, in the summers the temperatures here in New York City do not go very high. However, they tend to go quite low in the winters, if you are planning to visit New York City for tourism purposes, then you will have to make sure that you get there during the summers and not the winters.

If you are looking for the perfect tourism experience of New York City, then it is best that you choose the prefect time of year. Everybody knows that it is very difficult to enjoy a place if it is too cold, if the temperatures are too low then you cannot go anywhere without coats and sweaters which sometimes get difficult to handle. The perfect time of year for tourism are the summers, there is no snow on the streets which allows people to move freely and go wherever they like without any problems.

Restaurants Near Trump Tower:
New York City is one of the most diverse cities of the world, people from many cultures and race live in this city which provides a great tourism. The Trump Tower is sort of located in the center of New York City, almost all recreational places are near it, so if you are planning to see the Trump Tower then you can surely take the time to visit some nearby places.

Whenever you visit a new city or country then should try the food there. As it was mentioned earlier, New York City is home to people from various cultures, some of these people opted to open restaurants in the city which gives tourists a wide variety of options which are always nice to have. Restaurants like Bo Casa Ca Phe is located on the 750 fifth Avenue which is very close to the Trump Tower, so if you are visiting the tower then you know where to get some nice food.

Other restaurants like Bergdorf Goodman and Clement are known to serve the best quality and most delicious food. If you are looking for places or restaurants that serve the best food in town then you should probably check near Trump Tower. The Bergdorf Goodman serves American cuisines while the Clement serves American as well as contemporary food. If you want to enjoy continental food or Asian food then Nobu 57 is the place to be, the restaurant is just 0.1 mile from the Trump Tower and serves Japanese cuisines, seafood, sushi, Asian and contemporary food.

To get a better variety of food you can choose to dine at the Momofuku Ma Peche, it is a restaurant that is very close to the Trump Tower. One of the best things, about this restaurant is that it specializes in Asian cuisine and also serves international and contemporary food. All of the food here is absolutely delicious and you will have the best time here.

If you are looking for a better environment when you dine, then you can choose to dine at the Trump Tower Bar and Grill. It is located within the Trump Tower and provides the most delicious food. The name of the restaurant tells us about the specialty of the restaurant, so if you order from that then you will get a better quality. The cuisines served at the Trump Tower Bar and Grill is American.

Things To Do and See:
The Trump Tower is not the only highlight of New York City, instead there are many more places to see and visit when you are in the city. When you first hear the name of New York City, then the first thing that comes to your mind is the Empire State Building. It is a famous landmark and if you do not visit the Empire State during your trip to New York City then your trip would not be complete.

Another famous landmark of New York City is the Statue of Liberty. It is symbol of freedom and has been a beacon in the New York Harbor since 1886. The statue of liberty was a gift from the people of France, it was designed by Frederic Auguste Bartholdi and was built by Gustave Eiffel. The Statue of Liberty is only accessible through commercial ferries. If you manage to step on Liberty island then you can get atour which tells you everything about, with an extra fee you can even get inside the statue.

Who doesn’t like dinosaur fossils, if you are from among those people who love history then you will have to visit the Museum of Natural History. The Museum of Natural History is home to more than 32 million artifacts and specimens, you will not be able take a look at all of them but most of these specimens are on display. The Hayden Planetarium in the Museum is a place to be, it is a great experience when you learn about the 13 billion year history of the universe. The Museum was featured in the film “Night at the Museum”, this fact encourages many young fans to go to the museum and see their favorite characters of the movie.

Art is something that can easily make your day, if you are a real fan of art then you will surely love the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The museum has a wide variety of masterpieces to show, according to stats, the Metropolitan Museum of Art has a total of 2 million works which shows a history of over 5 thousand years. Here you can see Greek and Roman art along with Asian and European Sculptures and paintings.

If you like space shuttles, submarines and spy planes then you can have a closer look at all of these things. The Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum can be found in New York City and has the best collection of exhibits. The Central Park is another place in the city which is very popular, it covers a total are of 843 acres and is located in the center of Manhattan. If you choose to visit the Central park then you can either walk, ride bikes, run or even fish but if you are looking for peace and quiet then you can choose to go to the designated quiet zones.

Times Square is another famous landmark of New York City, it is often referred to as the cross roads of the world. It is located in Midtown Manhattan and is full of billboards and bright lights. Other highlights of New York City include the Brooklyn Bridge which connects two islands of New York City. St. Patrick’s Cathedral is another famous, sacred and treasure landmark of the city. If you are into books then you will surely enjoy the New York Public Library.

New York City is without any doubt one of the best cities of the world, it has loads to offer to its visitors which always appreciated. The Trump Tower in New York City has become a famous landmark since its completion in 1983. If you visit New York City, then you will surely want to visit Trump Tower. The Trump Tower is a collection of stores, offices and residential units, if you are really into the Trump Tower then you can even choose to buy one of these things. If you have a company to run and you are looking for a headquarter or office, then the Trump Tower will be just perfect for that reason.

The Trump Tower is ideally located and has many places near to it, it serves as the perfect central figure to the city. If you are able to get to the Trump Tower then the rest of the cities attractions are very close to you. Considering the fact that the Trump Tower was built in 1983, the design doesn’t look like it. Its architecture does not seem like the Trump Tower was built 32 years ago, instead it seems that it was built only recently.

The Trump Tower is located on the Fifth Avenue and is a true New York Icon. It is a 68-story mixed use building that was designed and built by one of the best architects. It houses some of the best residential, retail and commercial spaces in New York City. The residential spaces of the Trump Tower offer some of the best views of Fifth avenue, Central Park and Madison Avenue. The Trump Tower has become a popular shopping destination. The Trump Tower is a building that has residential apartments, retail stores and offices. It is located on 725 Fifth Avenue, New York. The Trump Tower serves as the headquarters for the Trump Organization and the Primary penthouse is the residence of Donald Trump. The Trump Tower now has a special significance and has become a very important part of the United States.

These were a few important things that you should know about the Trump Tower. It is without any doubt one of the best places in the world which you just have to see. It is home to many famous personalities and celebrities including Bruce Willis and Cristiano Ronaldo. The Trump Tower also featured in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises and was portrayed as Wayne Enterprises. The Trump Tower has many great tourist destinations and restaurants near it, so if you have the chance to visit this iconic building then you will surely end up visiting other places as well.