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Charlotte- the Queen City of the North

Home to about 859,035 souls, Charlotte, this notorious city is is cited on a Piedmont in North Carolina. This city is adored by thousands of crowds from all over the world, with millions of people residing here (called as Charlotteans), thus making it the 17th-most populous city in the United Staes of America.

Charlotte enjoys the distinction of being the fastest growing city, in terms of population as well as a commercial hub. With headquarters of “Bank of America” in its parameters, it has been widely renowned as the second-largest banking center in the United States of America since 1995. Charlotte enjoys a humid subtropical climate, which visitors find very suitable for themselves.


The alphabets come to an end when we begin to talk about Charlotte’s mind-provoking history as it is cram-full of tons of intriguing events, characters and figures. This gem of the United States was named after German princess Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, in order to honor her and pay her gratitude.

Festival & Events:

Being a host to hundreds of amusing event, fairs, and festivals, it is no wonder why Charlotte is recognized as one of the most visited cities in the United States. Some of the events are considered traditions here and Charlotteans are proud to invite and host every kind of people to their city, so every person in the world may know how it is to be like in the Queen City of North Carolina! Some of the events includes the “The Carolina Renaissance Festival”, a non stop family adventure along with dozens of amusing activities, food, and circus performance to witness, “The Yiasou Greek Festival”, regarded as the greatest cultural festival with lots of authentic greek exhibits, entertainment, delicious food, shopping, live music and Dance performances, and etc, “Taste of Charlotte”, three-day blessing as lots of food from nearby restaurants is offered along with entertaining activities for kids, “Moo and Brew Fest”, a national fest, and “The CIAA Basketball Tournament”, which hosts thousands of alumni fans.

Charms of the Queen City:

Apart from its events and fairs, Charlotte is often filled with tourists. The is because it offers a variety of places to visit here and entertaining activities to do. It’s a perfect city for every kind of person, whether young or old, rich or poor. Some of the most visited places in Charlotte include:

NASCAR Hall of Fame:

The most visited and most adored spot in Charlotte, NASCAR Hall of Fame is a shrine, which honors the exceptional driving skills and qualities of drivers, crew members, staff, and other faculty and amazing entertainment to the racing fans. It also serves as a museum with most adored articles as its exhibits, from race tracks to racing cars. Some of the exhibits include 1952 Hudson Hornet, a 1967 Chevelle, and Chevy Impala SS. Bulk High Octane Theatre (first floor) here serves as a display, which runs videos for first-visitors. The Glory Road(second floor) contains 18 incompatible cars. There are many other sites such as Ceremonial Plaza (second floor), The Great Hall (second floor), Studio 43 (second floor), Hall of Honor (second floor), Heritage Speedway (third floor), Transporter and Racecar Simulators (second floor), and Race Week Experience (second floor).


This 400-acre facility, Carowinds is an amusement park. It dates back as far as 1973. It was constructed in a period of 4 years at a cost of $70 million. Carowinds has been widely famous among teenagers as well as among the adults for more than 45 years as it offers 7 incredible water rides, 14 amusing rollercoasters, and lots of other entertainment. This gem of Charlotte is marked in every tourist’s must-visit destination, receiving about 200,000 visitors per annum.

Carolinas Aviation Museum:

A spot mostly crowded by history buffs as well as with techno-geeks, who ponder around the historical exhibits and witness a brief journey through the evolution of air travel. This hub has Airbus A320 as its centerpiece. Carolinas Aviation Museum was opened to the public in 1992, honors done by Floyd and Peithman Wilson. This facility houses approximately 50 main exhibits, including Major Dolph D. Overton III USAF photographic collection, Piedmont Point Historical Society and Preddy Memorial Foundation. Many aircraft of World War I are also displayed here, most prominent among them are Grumman F-14D Super Tomcat and  Douglas A-4A Skyhawk to the Sopwith Camel biplane. QH-50 Drone Anti-Submarine Helicopter (DASH) and the Vietnam-era CH-46D Sea Knight copter can also be witnessed here.

Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens:

Originally owned by Daniel j. Stowe, Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens is a 380-acre (1.5km-square) facility. The ambiance is filled with lush greenery, different yet spectacular species of flowers, sparkling fountains, and a conservatory. These gardens enable visitors to witness some of the rarest plants, and views. Nature-lovers mostly occupy this place. Some of the plants and flowers include the Maple trees near the orchid conservatory, Hydrangeas in the scroll Gardens, Snowball Viburnum in the Cottage Garden, Black Eyed Susans in the Cottage Garden, Daylilies in the Scroll Garden, and many more. It receives thousands of visitors per annum as its relaxing environment if fit for making memories with family.

Bechtler Museum of Modern Arts:

Greatly admired by aesthetes,  the notorious Bechtler Museum Of Modern Arts is a  36,500-square-foot (3,390-meter-square) facility dedicated to the works of some of the most influential artists of the mid-20th century. It contains spectacular works of  Alberto Giacometti, Joan Miró, Max Ernst, Andy Warhol, Jean Tinguely, Barbara Hepworth, and Pablo Picasso. The building was originally designed by Mario Botta and was opened to the public in the year 2010. It is marked as one of the most visited places in Charlotte, receiving millions of visitors per annum.

Freedom Park:

A popular spot amongst the nature lovers, Freedom Park covers an area of 100-acres. Freedom Park has been renowned for its environment, the 7-acre lake, the playgrounds, the paved trails, basketball courts, volleyball courts, and the athletic fields, all these ingredients combine to make an attracting and family-friendly ambiance, enough to reduce your anxiety levels and fit to relax. Visitors often make memories here, mostly with families and friends. Sports enthusiasts are encouraged to come here when they see perfect playgrounds and courts and fields here. Freedom Park also hosts many events and fairs every year, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors. The most famous festival is a five-day long fest named as “Festival of the Park”. Other than that, hiking and camping are also enjoyed here.

Mint Museum Randolph:

Opened in the year 1936, Mint Museum Randolph is a combination of intimate galleries, Ancient American Arts, European ceramics and decorative arts, Asian Arts, and African Arts. Mint Museum is now known all over the world for all these exhibits. It allows visitors to travel back in the past and view some ancient cultures and traditions, including arts. This facility houses almost 2,000 objects, including tools, ceramic vessels, sculptures, textiles, metal ornaments, and body adornments, which are about four centuries old. Receiving about more than hundreds of thousands of tourists every year, Mint Museum Randolph is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Charlotte.

Mountain Island Lake:

An excellent spot for spending vacations, the notorious Mountain Island Lake is one of the most visited destinations in Charlotte. It is most suitable to relieve your mind from all the stress of the world and to spend some quality time with family along with creating a considerable amount of unforgettable memories. Mountain Island Lake is regarded as a landmark. As a part of its hospitality, Mountain Island Lake offers its visitors some thrilling activities, including swimming, climbing, hiking, camping, and breathtaking sites for photography.

Levine Museum of the New South:

history Museum in Charlotte, Levine Museum is a place, mainly for history buffs. This gigantic building house exhibits mostly relating to the American Civil War. Some of its permanent exhibits include “#HOMECLT: PEOPLE. PLACES. PROMISES”, “COTTON FIELDS A TO SKYSCRAPERS”, “K(NO)W JUSTICE K(NO)W PEACE – MARCH 26, 2019”, “THROUGH THE LENS, AND  COLORISM”.

The Billy Graham Library:

Home to the memories of a notorious evangelist, Billy Graham, Billy Graham Library is one of the most adored tourist attraction in Northern America. It’s a perfect place for those who are interested in Billy Graham’s life and legacy. This 40,000 Square-foot facility features many galleries cram-full of presentations, photos, voice recordings, and other artifacts. One gallery is completely dedicated to Billy Graham’s wife, Ruth Bell Graham. You’re free to roam around this museum.

BB&T Ballpark:

BB&T Ballpark is a baseball field in the Uptown-area. This top-notch stadium hosts  Charlotte Knights, a Triple-AMinor League Baseball team in the International League. With family and friends, it is worth experience as you can witness the breathtaking views of the skyline from its two-tier seating. Food Vendors are also available here.