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The National WWII Museum – a canvas of WWII


The National WWII Museum, as the name represents its clear image of the military museum of the USA and its contributions in WWII is a fun for visitors. An amazing picture of the war history is the highlight of The National WWII Museum. It was also known in earlier times as The National D-Day Museum. It portraits an image of American practice in the war and also shows that how this practice totally changed the picture of this world.

This museum has certain reasons to be liked and to be amongst the top visited places of New Orleans. It also explains that how history and war are taken and understood by the generations of today. It is an amazing way of learning the offerings by the USA in WWII. This museum can be considered as an excellent way of understanding the worth of freedom in today’s world.

It dates back to 2000 for its foundation. New Orleans has a Central Business District, Louisiana, where The National WWII Museum is situated. It is stuck between magazine and Street Camp Street. It has a perfect location to enjoy everything with ease inside and outside the museum. U.S. Congress nominated it as America’s representative National WWII Museum. This nomination took place in 2003. It has a testimonial that is exploring the world war practice of America. It has been noticed that from the day The National WWII Museum was founded, in the current year 2018, it is expanding in its outsized projects. Many other additions have been done in this museum to expand its beauty and increase its attraction. From the days this expansion is taking place, visitors are not missing the chance to explore new projects. The main building has been now been incorporated with many crown attractions in the form of different projects. Trip advisor ranks this museum as the number one attraction of New Orleans and number two top attraction of the USA and the whole world. These top attractions are the main pillars of this museum and need detailed explanations that what is waiting there for visitors that make it the best destination and most visited place for its visitors.

Crown attractions

Crown attractions of any place make it a highly ranked destination. The National WWII Museum, which is a canvas of WWII is having many crown attractions in it. The Louisiana Memorial Pavilion is considered to be its original building. This main building has been now amazingly expanded. New additions include a pavilion and theatres of great importance. It has been extended by adding Solomon Victory Theater, the US Freedom Pavilion: The Boeing Center, the John E. Kushner Restoration Pavilion, and the Campaigns of Courage pavilion.

These additions and its attraction is the only reason that it is ranked as the second most visited and liked Museum in the United States and also in the whole World. All visitors admired its expansion and numbers of visitors are increasing every year.

Louisiana Memorial Pavilion

The Louisiana Memorial Pavilion is having numerous aircraft that are shown to the visitors. Its display is also hanging from the ceiling of super marine Spitfire and a Douglas C-47 Sky train. Many other historical images are reflected by Higgins boat and interactive Train Car that are displayed in this the Louisiana Memorial Pavilion. The Louisiana Memorial Pavilion also has numerous everlasting galleries. These galleries range from the Home Front to D-Day Beaches and Planning for D-Day. so, amazing place with incredible displays are the reasons to must visit such a place.

Solomon Victory Theater

It is a perfect way of 4D cinematic experience for its visitors. It is also used in many ways like for receptions, award ceremonies, corporate presentations and film premieres. It has a maximum range of 242 guests along with six handicapped easily reached spots. Theater enjoyment is fun and very easily available to its visitors in already planned hours and can also be organized for its visitors. Hourly based and privately booked shows are enjoyed here by the visitors of Solomon Victory Theater.

US Freedom Pavilion: The Boeing Center

It is considered to be a leading building of this museum. It is most prominent and leading because of its huge collection. This Pavilion includes a long list of collection including a Corsair F4U-4 B-17E Flying Fortress bomber, a TBF Avenger, an SBD-3 Dauntless a P-51C Mustang, and a B-25J Mitchell bomber. The B-17E is the airplane is having a history that it was recovered after 35 years after being lost over Greenland. So, visitors can have an amazing time in exploring the facts, secrets, and memories of WWII in this incredible military museum.

The John E. Kushner Restoration Pavilion

The John E. Kushner Restoration Pavilion is a perfect example of glass peripheral walls. These walls let the visitors an amazing view of the invaluable WWII artifacts. Theses invaluable aircraft are the perfect picture of reinstatement and maintenance of history. There is also a new addition in this Pavilion in the form of Innovation Gallery. This gallery tells the visitors that creativity and modernization were used during WWII to solve issues and problem of that era. This is the best way to explore the science and techniques of those days in the form of science, technology, engineering, and math. So families can have fun in such science-related galleries with information. Campaigns of Courage pavilion It is reflecting the European theater of war. A Messerschmitt Bf 109 hangs here and galleries in the building are its core items of the collection. So every bit of museum is full of the amazing military collection displayed in an amazing way. Individuals from all over the world and families can have the best time in exploring this military museum of New Orleans.

This museum was closed in 2005 for three months due to Hurricane Katrina. This hurricane-ravaged New Orleans and affected museum for three months. Other than that it has been always opened to its visitors from the day of its foundation to now.

Events, programs, and festivals

Many Events, programs, and festivals are organized throughout the year in the form of Woody Williams 95th Birthday Celebration, Who Will Write Our History and 2018 International Conference on World War II. WWII Sea & land festival, Victory ball and American spirit award are the few events amongst many; those are enjoyed by its visitors. There is also a long list of public programs which are provided to the people. This list includes lectures and films, conferences and symposia, community outreach, anniversaries, live performances and summer camps.

It is a hub of fun and activities for its visitors as many camps are provided and the educational aspect is high lightened by lectures and conferences. All age groups are accommodated. Boys and girls have the chance to learn a lot in this museum and by its incredible services.

Museum store

Visiting any place is not enough to make it a part of memories but a good item must be purchased from that place to make it practically memorable. Its store is an important part of the museum having certain items of attraction for visitors. It includes a wide range of gifts, apparels, books, accessories, collectibles, toys and many more. There are many other shopping places near WWII museum to enjoy shopping. New Orleans is a fun and nightlife city amazingly incorporated with a variety of food and shopping places. So, visitors have many options to shop inside and outside the museum to make its items as memories of this trip. Gifts can be purchased for your friends and loved ones along with a good item for yourself as well.

Food places

Destination of the trip can never be enjoyed without good food. Good food and good food places are very important in any visiting place to add the flavor to the taste of that destination. There are many food places that are affordable and tasty in food at the museum site. The American Sector Restaurant & Bar Jeri Nims Soda Shop and Sac-a-Lait are considered to be the best one for the visitors. As it has been explained earlier that food places are of variety outside the museum in New Orleans. Visitors can have the chance to taste the food inside and outside of the museum according to their desire. Visitors can go for lunch outside the museum and can enjoy many good food options. It is situated in that way that other building and food places are quite close. So, visitors can come back after lunch into the museum without any ticket again.

So, In short, this museum is a place of variations and dimensions, portraying the military image of USA in WWII along with activities of fun and learning opportunities in the form of events, programs, and festivals. Food and shopping are also available in variety. It can be considered as a fun trip and also as an educational trip for the visitors from all over the world. All age groups are perfectly accommodated in this museum and its expansion in the form of large-scale projects has always been admired by its visitors.

This is the reason for ranking it as a top visited destination of New Orleans and amongst top attractions of the USA and the world. Visitors can have amazing options for accommodation as well. There is a variety of hotels available, bus tours are also available. A beautiful destination with convenient drive approach from sights within the museum to food, shop, and accommodations outside the museum, it is truly a best visiting destination for all people.