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Harley-Davidson Museum

Motorbikes are something that are very popular nowadays, there are many motorcycle manufacturers and companies about which you might have heard of, but one company that is loved and liked by all bikers is Harley-Davidson. It is essentially an American motorcycle manufacturer which was founded in Milwaukee in 1903. Harley-Davidson is one of those motorcycle companies that managed to survive the great depression, and that is one of the reason why it is so popular. The motorcycles that they manufacture are of very high quality and tend to look really well built and beautiful, avid bikers love the manufacturer and their products and admire them to the fullest.

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A city located in Ohio in the United States of America, Cleveland is the most populous county according to research done over the years. The city is located on the southern shores of Lake Erie and the North Eastern side of Ohio approximately 100 kilometers west of the Pennsylvania border. The city quickly became a manufacturing center mainly because of its strategic location to the shores of the Lake with connections to the canals and various railroads.

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