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A city located in Ohio in the United States of America, Cleveland is the most populous county according to research done over the years. The city is located on the southern shores of Lake Erie and the North Eastern side of Ohio approximately 100 kilometers west of the Pennsylvania border. The city quickly became a manufacturing center mainly because of its strategic location to the shores of the Lake with connections to the canals and various railroads.

The city covers a total area of 213 square km of which 200 square km is land and the rest 12 km is covered with water.
Cleveland boasts a number of fine architectural designs with sky scrapers, libraries and churches adding up the count. The Old Arcade built in 1890 has become one of the major landmarks in the city with directions basically related to its position. We can’t forget to mention the St. Theodosius Orthodox Cathedral.

Cleveland population
According to the 2010 census, Cleveland had a total population of 396,815 people, 89,821 families and 167,490 households but this has definitely risen due to the fast growth of the country and town itself. Specific research has been able to identify that during the day, incoming commuters increase the number of population in the city as many working citizens will come in the city to work in the industries located in the city before departing for home in the evening. The concentration of the city has been distributed according to the races available in the city. With Hispanics found to have located on the city’s west side. Europeans and Asian posterities are also widely distributed in the city.

Due to its location close to the Lake, Cleveland has had a significant growth to its economy levels. The growth of its manufacturing industries was a major boost as there was a good connection of both railroads and the Erie Canal. With both private and public industries in the city, Cleveland has been able to employ more and more workers from the neighboring cities hence improving the economic levels in the city itself. With a good example being the Cleveland clinic. This clinic has over the years employed a good work force of numbers reaching up to 37,000 personnel. Early e