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White Sands National Monument

White Sands National Monument is in the U.S. state is in the northern Chihuahua Desert in the New Mexico. It is known for its rare white gypsum sand dunes. The trails include the Dune Life Nature Trail, Interdune Boardwalk and are dotted with exhibits on wildlife. Dunes Drive from the White Sands is a looped road reaching the dune field.

White Sands National Monument contains the largest sand dune field and gypsum in the world covering fine white sand of 275 square miles, formed by the prevailing winds. Read More

Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center is long serving in Florida as the spaceport of America and hosts all the manned spaceflights of the federal governments since the 1960s.  It has acquired its name after John F Kennedy, the president who in 1961 declared that an astronaut will be on the moon and will also be back to Earth safely within a decade.

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Castello di Amorosa – The 13th Century Castle and Winery in Napa Valley

Castello di Amorosa is one of the American top-notch historical sites located in the heart of Napa Valley at Calistoga, California. It is an authentic 13th-century medieval castle, also one of the only Tuscan styled castle that can be found in the country. Dario Sattui, the fourth generational Italian winemaker, and entrepreneur build the castle after his great- grandfather who migrated directly from Italy to California and started an outstanding winery in San Francisco. Dario Sattui spent over fourteen years to build the Castello di Amorosa. However, despite the medieval architecture and structure of the castle, it one of the tourist’s prime attraction in Napa Valley for its finest winery and wine tasting tours that operate throughout the year. The castle is producing twenty-five hundred liters of wine per year, and it is sold directly to the customers within the premises of the castle, not outside the castle.

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State Capitol Building Salt Lake City

Utah’s Capitol building is strategically positioned on a hill overlooking the downtown. Salt Lake City is an elegant architectural masterpiece. This building is set over 40 acres and has beautifully maintained, well-sculpted lawns, flowerbeds, trees, and shrubs. Yoshino cherry trees from the south steps can be viewed. From the front steps, a spectacular view of the Wasatch and Oquirrh Mountains can be seen and below the Salt Lake City.

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Ellis Island

The United States is one of the biggest countries in the world. It is home to some great tourist destinations. Therefore many people visit it every year. When you first hear the name of the United States, then the first thing that comes to your mind is the name of the famous New York City. This is because New York City is perhaps the most famous city of the country and is home to some famous landmarks.

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Trump Tower – NY

The Trump Tower, as the name suggests is a building that is owned by the chairman and president of The Trump Organization, Donald Trump. The construction of the Trump Tower started in the year 1979 and was completed in 1983. The height of the Trump Tower is 202 m or 663 Ft and it has a floor count of 68 floors. The architect who designed the Trump Tower was Der Scutt while the structural engineer was Irwin Cantor and Donald Trump was the developer.

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Old Fort Niagara – An attraction to Look Forward

Old Fort Niagara is around 300 years old place that was occupied, one after the other, by three nations; France then Great Britain and now the United States. The beautiful historical building is situated near Youngstown, New York, at the mouth of Niagra River on its east side bank on Lake Ontario. Fort visitors find it as the oldest buildings in the Great Lakes region having some unique living history programs arranging exhibits together with some special events. The French had established their first post back in 1679 and built an impressive “French Castle” around the year 1726. Later Britain gained control of the place in 1759 during the Indian and French War and they maintained their control throughout the period of American Revolution and then yielding the fort to the United States in 1796.

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Old Fort Niagara

History of the Fort
Fort Niagara is the oldest continuously-occupied military installation in North America. Built by the French to protect their interests in what was then New France, it became a crucial installation in the northern reaches of British North America and since the War of 1812 has been home to detachments of the United States Army and later the Coast Guard. The site today is a National Historical Landmark, part of the National Register of Historic Places, the central attraction of both a New York state park and a federal National Historic Area and a functioning fortress that preserves the military methods and lifestyle of the 18th and 19th century. It may also be haunted, and is a site of great interest to students of the paranormal.

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The skylon Tower

How the Tower was built
The Skylon Tower is one of the most recognizable attractions of the Niagara Falls area, but is also important because it was one of the first high-rise towers with a revolving restaurant, which are now widely distributed around the world, and was one of the first proving grounds for the construction methods that would allow the tallest buildings in the world to be erected. Although now surrounded by and integrated into a large tourist area thoroughly of the late 20th and early 21st century, the Skylon Tower still conveys a sense of the 1960s and 1970s, a time of great excitement in the tourism and high-rise construction industries.

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The Citadelle of Quebec

Three Hundred Years of History
The Citadelle of Quebec City describes itself as “a fortress, a regiment, a museum”. It is an active Canadian military installation, the official residence in Quebec of the Governor-General of Canada and of Queen Elizabeth II in her capacity as Queen of Canada, part of the Fortifications of Quebec National Historical Site and the museum of the 22nd Royal Canadian regiment, the only French-language regiment in the Canadian Forces. More than 200,000 people visit the citadel and its fortifications annually, and Quebec is one of only two cities in North America still surrounded by fortifications, the other being Campeche, Mexico.

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