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Charlotte- the Queen City of the North

Home to about 859,035 souls, Charlotte, this notorious city is is cited on a Piedmont in North Carolina. This city is adored by thousands of crowds from all over the world, with millions of people residing here (called as Charlotteans), thus making it the 17th-most populous city in the United Staes of America.

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Charleston – the Gem of South Carolina

Enjoying the distinction of being the oldest and largest city in South Carolina, Charleston city is situated on a bay of the Atlantic Ocean known as the Charleston Harbor. Regarded as the third largest city in the state, it houses approximately 134,875 people. Entitled as the “friendliest city in America” or “the most polite and hospitable city in America”, its no wonder why this city has been on every person must-visit destination list.

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The National WWII Museum – a canvas of WWII


The National WWII Museum, as the name represents its clear image of the military museum of the USA and its contributions in WWII is a fun for visitors. An amazing picture of the war history is the highlight of The National WWII Museum. It was also known in earlier times as The National D-Day Museum. It portraits an image of American practice in the war and also shows that how this practice totally changed the picture of this world.

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Dorney Park

Dorney Park is an amusement and water park operated and owned by Cedar Fair. It is located in between Pennsylvania, Allentown and Emmaus, Pennsylvania. Dorney Park can be reached from Interstate 78, U.S.Route 222 and Cedarcrest Boulevard. It features adult and children rides, eight roller coasters and the Wildwater Kingdom, a water park. It features some prominent roller coasters, including Steel Force, the second longest and the ninth longest steel roller coaster. This region is around 10 miles to the Dorney Park east and is served by Lehigh Valley International Airport. There is a nearby bus terminal, Bieber Tour ways at the Charcoal Drive-In offering daily service from New York City and other regional locations.

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Salem Witch Museum

The Salem Witch Museum, also known as The Witch House, is dedicated to the events of a case of mass hysteria in the year 1692, known as the Salem Witch Trials. That happened to the people of Salem, Massachusetts and how over the years society has perceived and treated those that were accused of being witches. In the year 1692, many people were accused of witchcraft, and therefore trials were conducted to determine if they were involved in such dark arts or not, with those found guilty being punished in many ways.

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United Nations Headquarters, New York

Covering over seventeen acres of land, the UN Headquarter in New York serves as a headquarter to the United Nations and this initiative was set right after the execution/completion of this complex in the year 1952. The position of the Headquarter is in a place overlooking the east river, which is known as Turtle Bay. Along the UN Headquarters, there are also supplementary headquarter districts which are stationed in distinctive locations, which are: Vienna (Austria), Nairobi (Kenya), and Geneva (Switzerland). These auxiliary branches of the headquarters help with divergent things such as the facility for diplomatic activities, upsurge of the representation of UN interests but being the headquarter – the one in New York consist of the foremost aspects such as the Security Council and the General Assembly.

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NASCAR Hall of Fame

Every sport or a game has its own history of legends known for becoming exceptionally proficient at comprehending and playing it particularly. These marvels are quite frequently bestowed with a “Hall of Fame” or a reverenced acknowledgment of their competent and adept performances. Such is the case with American auto racing company NASCAR. Through the course of its history, NASCAR has shaped some of the most honored legends in the account of sports. Read More

French Quarter New Orleans

The French Quarter is situated on the Mississippi River bend at a distance of 100 miles from its mouth. It is known as the Quarter or the Vieux Carre to locals. It is sitting on the highest ground on the Mississippi River crescent in New Orleans. It is the cultural hub of the city.

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Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach on Florida’s Atlantic coast is a beautiful city. It is known for its
International Speedway hosting February iconic NASCAR race. Daytona Beach
stages free concerts in summers, and Daytona Lagoon Water Park provides
water slides, laser tag, and go-karts.

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Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center is long serving in Florida as the spaceport of America and hosts all the manned spaceflights of the federal governments since the 1960s.  It has acquired its name after John F Kennedy, the president who in 1961 declared that an astronaut will be on the moon and will also be back to Earth safely within a decade.

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