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Lake Erie The Fourth Largest Lake In North America

Opportunities for tourism and recreation are ample in the United States with plenty of sights, natural landscapes, lakes, mountains and mesmerizing scenery. There are, without a doubt, some places which not only grasp your attention but create a desire to at least visit these areas some time in your life.

Lake Erie is a classic example of such tourist spot as it attracts the attention of a vast number of travelers and enthusiasts from around the world. From a geographical perspective there are five major lakes on the continent of North America and these lakes, when bunched together, are called the Five Great Lakes. Lake Erie is one of these five large landlocked water bodies and hence carries a lot of significance in terms of the regions water distribution and requirements.

In comparison with the rest of the four Great Lakes, Lake Erie is calculated to be the shallowest of them all with a maximum depth of a little over two hundred feet however, in terms of surface area it is ranked at number thirteen among the largest lakes around the world.

Lake Erie is not only a manifestation of nature's power but carries added importance in terms of its role in improving the conditions of the area and its contribution to the US economy. Apart from this,it is a major tourist sightseeing and recreation spot which provides space for lots of activity,amusement and gratification.

The lake carries with it an aspiring history. The earliest settlers near the village were the Erie tribe who are also responsible for giving the lake its name. Recorded history tells us that these people resided on the southern end of the lake and remained here till the events of seventeenth century.Native Americans have since then disappeared from this area.

The Europeans made their way to the lake in the later part of the seventeenth century and it was the last of the five great lakes that were discovered. There had been terrific settlement in the area since then and major economic progress took place. However, the lake has seen its fair share of wars as well especially during the times of colonial rule. The Battle of Lake Erie is a war that attaches lots of significance to the history of the region.

Since the 1600s, commercial fishing has picked up pace and has developed into a major economic contributor in the region. It has grown fast and even today commercial fishing is the lake's most significant contribution to the US in terms of monetary benefit. The lake has managed to attract a number of tourists too which has also allowed the development of the tourism industry in the region as well.

Recreation at Lake Erie
Lake Erie is one of the better locations that you can find in order to spend some quality time and have fun. There are plenty of room for adventure at the lake and their many different things that you can do.

There is a big chance you will end up catching fish. There is abundance of fish in the Lake and as mentioned before it is one of the largest fresh water commercial fishing destinations. There arediverse fishes that you can catch as the lake is habitat to a great number of fish species.

Diving is another aspect that attracts lots of visitors to the location. There have been a number ofship wrecks in the lake over the past centuries and most of these have been preserved. Divers canhave an opportunity to go deep and see these, what could be described as, underwater museums.

There are opportunities for hiking, water sports, biking, surfing and even pleasure cruises. The lake isthe culmination of all that you aspire to do in an enclosed water body. These features are bound to magnify your experience at Lake Erie.

The Lake is considered and calculated as the shallowest lake of the Great five lakes and has anaverage depth of around sixty two feet with the deepest area being not more than two hundred andten feet. The lake primarily gets its water from river Detroit and ends up or drains through theNiagara Falls into the Ontario Lake.

The Lake is situated some six hundred feet above sea level and its temperatures are on the coolerside most of the year. However, even though the lake is cool in winter and also the first freeze too; it is warmest during the summers. The lake witnesses some strong winds which can develop strong waves all of a sudden especially in the shallower parts of the lake.

Climate and Weather
The weather is generally good for tourists to visit the lake and to spend some quality time with their loved ones. However, the weather particularly in winter can sometimes be a bit difficult to manage as there is snow which can block out roads and cause disruption in commuting.

The snow is due to the phenomenon known as lake-effect snow which means that the snow doesnot fall directly but rather it is due to the cold air that passes over the warm surface of the lake tocause snow fall. Surprisingly, the people in the area are at ease if the lake freezes because it then totally eliminates the chances of lake-effect snow.

The lake freezes thick sometimes which allows people to walk over, cross over and even drive over in certain cases but the recently the ice has not been that thick. Mention must be made that it was last in 2010 that the lake fully froze over.

The temperatures of the lake can shoot up to around twenty seven degrees Celsius which makes it quite warm. Experts are beginning to fear that climate change and global warming are taking its tollon the lake and some have even begun to exhibit concerns of the lake's shrinking in terms of its volume of water.

As mentioned briefly in the paragraphs above, there are some wonderful things that you can do at the Lake. Here, we will try to further elaborate the different new things that you can do here and how you can make the most of it.

1. Diving
The Lake is a famous destination for divers. This is partially because of the depth of the lake but the major reason is the shipwrecks that had happened in the Lakes in the past few centuries. Divers arealways excited to find some things to explore underwater and these preserved shipwrecks are the perfect things to see underwater and to be amazed.

It is like visiting an underwater museum since these ships are three or four centuries old. The seexotic shipwrecks provide people with excitement and a chance to look at something that many people aspire to see their whole lives. Two shipwrecks worth mentioning were of the Steam ship called Ogdensburg and the British troopship Caledonia; the wreckage of both these ships are popular diving spots.

2. Fishing
Sport fishing is still one of the popular things that you can get your hands on. It does not whether the lake is frozen or not since there is still a chance you might catch some fish. The lake is home tosome rare fish even though the commercial industry has felt some setbacks in the past few years. If you enjoy fishing and have a passion for it then Lake Erie will definitely help you in spending some quality time doing what you love.

3. Islands
Many people who visit the lake also take out time to visit some of the Islands that are in the Lake.The Islands are situated to the West of the lake and are famous tourism spots as well. You can get to them by Ferry or by plane.

These islands are home some distinguished flora and fauna. The Pelee Island, for example, is known for its water snakes, the prickly pear cactus and the wild hyacinth. As far as the South Bass Island is concerned, it is an all-out enjoyment spot and people tend to enjoy partying on the island for most part of the year. Finally, the Kelleys Island provides tourists with hiking, biking and beach lounging opportunities.

4. Water Sports
Like in the case of any lake, water sports are part and parcel of the Lake Erie experience. The most popular water sport is Kayaking. It is exciting and a good experience for anyone new to this sport. Individuals and families can try their hand at Kayaking at any time. Kite-surfing is also gradually gaining popularity among tourists at the lake as there is a good wind always which is best for kite surfing on the lake.

5. Cruises
You can also take out time to enjoy on one of the many leisure cruises that are taken out by boat operators in the lake. These cruises may not be as luxurious as you may expect but it is good enough to satisfy your mood. The idea behind the cruise is pretty much that of a dinner cruise where people can eat in the middle of the lake while making most of its serenity. If you get to Lake Erie then you should try to book yourself a cruise.

6. Parks for the Public
There are various parks that have been made for the recreational activities of tourists to Lake Erie.The Sand Hill Park is a well-known park for tourists to get to as it has been blessed with some of themost amazing views of the landscape around the lake. People describe these views as astounding and breath taking and worth the crawl up to the highest spot.

There is also a reserve for wildlife that has been established near the lake for the purpose of preserving the different species that inhabit the place. However, there are skiing and hikingopportunities for people who visit the reserve to appreciate nature's work.

Another popular public park is the Crystal Beach which is perhaps the most ideally placed beaches ofLake Erie. The sun is right at the perfect spot for sun lovers and people can sun bath for as long as they want. The park is ideal of sun lovers as the land is just slightly sloped for the sun rays to come right in its direction.

Places to Visit in the Area
There are some places near Lake Erie that you should visit. These places will surely prove to be exciting and should be visited by you whenever you get the chance. The first place that you should visit are the various light houses that you can find along Lake Erie. The main lighthouse in the area is the one which is present off the coast of Cleveland. This lighthouse has a distinct architecture and is often covered in ice. This however prevents sailors from seeing the light from the lighthouse.

Other than just these lighthouses, there are many more places along Lake Erie that you should visit.The towns along the lake the lake are some of the best towns that you will see. These towns are simple and are decorated with natural trees and environments. When you enter these towns then the first thing that you will notice is the fact that these towns do not have a lot of big buildings,instead everything that you see there has a little bit of simplicity to it. Port Staley is one town along Lake Erie that is said to be the prettiest town.

If you like plants and vegetation, then you will surely like the Vineyards that are present around LakeErie. These include the ones on Pelee Island. These vineyards are absolutely beautiful and are places that you should try to visit if you are near Lake Erie.

Lake Erie was once much larger than it is today. It covered a bigger area and that gives the area anadded advantage. Since Lake Erie covered a bigger area it has now made the land and environment there favorable for agriculture. The western part of Lake Erie is known to have suitable conditions for growing grapes.

Some More Information
Since Lake Erie is a famous tourist’s destination that is why it has many ferryboats that operate there. These ferryboats are there to give the people a more detailed tour of the lake and make their trip much more exciting. Lake Erie is home to one of the largest freshwater fisheries. This is because the population of fish in Lake Erie is quite high. Lake Erie is one of the best places for fishing,whether it be for sports, recreation or commercial purposes. The total market of fishing in Lake Erie was $4 billion which shows us the importance of Lake Erie fishing.

The south bass island and Put-in- bay have been popular destinations near Lake Erie for more than150 years. The village is only 20 minute boat ride away from port Clinton and is one of the best places to visit near Lake Erie. Lake Erie is also a very famous diving destination. The Lake is a famous destination for divers. This is partially because of the depth of the lake but the major reason is the shipwrecks that had happened in the Lakes in the past few centuries. Divers are always excited to find some things to explore underwater and these preserved shipwrecks are the perfect things to see underwater and to be amazed.

Lake Erie is definitely one of the most popular destinations in the USA and offers a great number of opportunities for tourists to have the time of their lives. It is an excellent recreation spot packed with loads of activity and fun-filled adventures that are characteristic for a wonderful vacation. The Lake is a natural marvel in itself. It has eye-catching landscapes and stunning beauty which is extremely pleasing to the eye. It is the ideal relaxation place and can provide with memories to keep for a lifetime.