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Tijuana City

Tijuana City is ranked at the largest city in Baja California, and it is the center of Tijuana Metropolitan Area. It has a population of roughly about 1.3 million, and the figure, however, gets expanded if suburbs are included as well. Tijuana is now known as an often-visited place by fellow Americans as it is located near the border to San Diego.

Prominent tourist attractions include Avenida Revolucion, as well as Tijuana’s red light district. Tijuana, as shared above, is the largest urban area near the American border, and San Diego culture greatly influences it. The two cities enjoy substantial social, economic and cultural interactions, and there is a lot of interchange between the two countries through the channel San Diego and Tijuana provide.

Entering Tijuana
Most tourists from America Canada come through crossing San Ysidro border, which is the reason it is named as busiest border crossing in the world. The crossing can be made by car, bus, foot, and every visitor who somehow enters Tijuana must have the passport, green card, or birth certificate to return to the US. Tourists can also use Tijuana International Airport to get into the city on visit visa.

Once you have entered Tijuana, one of the biggest problems you would ever have will be traveling around, and that too cheaply. Uber is the newest addition to transportation options in the city. It is a technology based transportation provider, and it is currently regarded as the safest way of transportation in Tijuana, as drivers are bound to adhere to highest safety standards and customer service.

Cabs, however, are abundant in the city, and if you are crossing the border by foot, you can get a cab my walking a few meters in.

What NOT to do:
Do you like tequila, and fun with tacos? You are just another American who is about to cross the border and get into Tijuana, where you can enjoy all three to the highest.

Here are a few things you should know before entering:
Firstly, be vary of stereotyping, and be vary that nobody is interested in hearing the typical donkey cartel jokes, or red light district jokes. They are often in bad taste, and the city has changed massively over the past decade. However, while you are staying there, avoid asking questions of Trump. People in Tijuana are nervous about their immigration and NAFTA, and they are not happy with Trump’s presidency, and you should be avoiding it at highest costs.
Thirdly, you are not expected to peeing in public, and or asking a stranger for drugs. This is not only considered unethical in Tijuana but also may lead to serious consequences.

Locations and Spots
Tijuana is the home of a number of scenic spots and picturesque locations, that are top tourist areas around the year, they are:

Avenida Revolucion: It is the main thoroughfare of the historic downtown of Tijuana, and officially known as Zona Centro. However, be vary of potholes in the area- you should keep your gaze low to avoid any accidents

Bullfights: Tijuana is known for bullfights, and has only one bull ring. It is open in summer months. Since it is located near to US border, it is a host of many American tourists every year. The older and more historic bullring that was around the city has been partially demolished by the owner, yet there is a strong movement to revamp the building for historical importance.

Red Light District: The red light district is known to be the home of many venturing Americans for over decades. However, you are advised not to roam around by yourself, especially when you are unfamiliar with the area yourself.

Cross Border Xpress: It is a real thing, finally! It was inaugurated in 2015 and has been the busiest since then. It is a cross border terminal and sky bridge- the only one of its kind. You can take a ticket from International Airport, and cross the bridge via an elevated pedestrial bridge. The fee is minimum, but fun is maximum!

Taking the street: One of the major hotspots are the streets itself. There are few things that you will only find on the streets, and they are not officially known to be stated separately. For example, you can find zebras around street very often. You can take a ride with them, or shop from zebra-shops as well. Then, Caesar Salad is a purely Tijuana thing, and it is still there.
You can find the typical Mexican taste in the street food. Using romaine hearts, lemon juice, egg yolks and of course parmesan cheese are always in the right combination on the street.

Lastly, you should not be missing on the street tacos as well. The city has a reputation for being one of the street taco capitals of Mexico, and for a good reason. You can find perfect iterations of these heavenly pockets along La Revue, at Las Ahumderas, and at various
storefronts around the city.

What to buy:
Before heading back, there are a few things you should consider buying. Tijuana has many souvenir and trinket shops near the border, but there is not much discount as compared to the US. If you are fond of pure Mexican things, these are what you should consider:

Alcohol: Alcohol sold in Mexico is cheapest at the duty-free stores. People often buy rum and vodka from Mexico.

Cuban Cigars: Ones made in Mexico are highly regarded, and if you have friends who hold the taste of strong smoke, you should consider it for them Silver bracelets: silver bracelets and necklaces are very common, but know that they are not
original silver jewelry.