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Gillette City in Wyoming

Gillette is the county seat of Campbell County and a city in the United States. Gillette area was formerly referred to as the Donkey Town and later was referred as a tent town. This community earned its name after Edward Gillett, a local surveyor then. This was the time the area in 1891 was platted, and the lots were sold. In the same year, the railroad arrived, and after a span of time, the community here started to prosper and also develop, but after the railroad extension was done beyond Gillette, the community declined.

Gillette was merged in 1892, on January 6, less than two years once Wyoming became a state. The city acquired name after Edward Gillette, who worked for the Chicago, Quincy Railroad and Burlington, as a surveyor.

In 1974, ElDean Kohrs, U.S. psychologist used the town as an example calling it as ‘Gillette Syndrome’: it referred to the social disruption that may occur in a community owing to the growth of rapid population. Gillette population doubled during the 1960s from 3,580 to 7,194 residents. At that time, Kohrs proposed a fast increase of population causing this phenomenon to be referred as Gillette Syndrome, resulting in the crime rate increase, weak social and community bonds and high costs of living.

Important to know
Gillette is the nation’s energy capital and houses some big industries and entrepreneurs. This is because of the natural resources rich supply and to serve the workforce around. There is lots of hunting, fishing, recreation center and notable rodeo events ensuring an active city life. Gillette was named to be among the Top 10 Manliest cities once. There is motocross and NHL-sized ice rink facilities, besides Gillette is a short drive from its national treasures, Devils Tower and Mount Rushmore.

Gillette and Wright are the largest communities of the county and are the dual unofficial capital of the Powder River Basin that is between the most captivating mountain ranges, the Black Hills, and the Big Horns and has the richest coal fields in the nation, besides a privately owned largest bison ranch.

Basic Facts

  1. The City of Gillette in Wyoming is the 3rd largest city with a 33,582 population of as of July 1, 2016. This city ranks for Diversity Index and Population Density in the upper quartile in comparison to the other cities, towns and Census Designated Places (CDPs) in Wyoming.
  2. The Gillette primary coordinate point is located at latitude 44.2785 and 105.5012 longitudes in Campbell County. The Gillette city formal boundaries include 19.63 sq. Miles a land area and 0.03 sq. Miles a water area. Campbell County is located at a 4554 feet elevation in the Mountain Time zone (GMT -7).
  3. The Gillette City has a C1 Census Class Code indicating an active merged place that actually is not serving as a county subdivision equivalent. It has an ‘A’ Functional Status Code that identifies an active government is offering the basic general-purpose functions.
  4. Wyoming is among the 20 states that employ Census County Divisions (CCDs) within each county for statistical tracking of subdivisions. The Gillette City is located within Campbell County Gillette North Division.
  5. Gillette, Wyoming, covers 113 miles W of Rapid City, South Dakota and of Denver, Colorado it covers 316 miles N.

Things to Do In Gillette

Gillette has plenty of attractions, and this includes Golfers to enjoy at the Bell Nob Golf Course. There are local museums including the Rockpile Museum, Hoofprints of the Past Museum and the Anna Miller Museum, offering interesting insights into the community history. Local festivals include Harvest and Oktoberfest Festival; both celebrated every October.

Gillette, Wyoming has amazing natural beauty and hosts world class events. There is everything in lots to enjoy adventure season. Right from music jams to rodeos to chili cook-offs and the events held here satisfy distinct taste people. Enjoying cultural events in a variety will offer a glimpse of the Wyoming life through its rodeo, country music concert or some Native American rendezvous, it will be a memorable experience to remember and come for again.

Whether you visit the legendary landmarks here such as the Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park or a rodeo in a small town, there is nothing dearth of things in Wyoming to involve into and do. The majestic ranges of Wyoming or the knee deep waters from the countless rivers, everything is sure to give you an adventurous feel.

Top Facts

  1. Triceratops is the Wyoming’s state dinosaur. This is one of the six states having an official state dinosaur.
  2. Wyoming in this union is the solo state that houses only one four-year postgraduate university, the University of Wyoming. On the other hand, even its closest next states are Delaware and Alaska with five universities.
  3. In Rawlins, the Wyoming Frontier Prison was opened in 1901. It took thirteen years to construct and was the first in the state. Now it is less intimidating and has been transformed into a tourist attraction hosting Haunted annual Halloween House and ‘Pen Fun Run.’
  4. Mining and drinking in Wyoming are not dangerous but are regarded illegal. In case you are in a mine and are caught drunk, it may lead to a hefty fine, or you will end up in jail for a year.
  5. This year in the earlier months, a Frontier Airlines pilot as his Washington, D.C., to Denver plane flight stopped due to storms. The pilot announced on the tarmac, ‘I ordered pizza for all the passengers on the plane and after a short while thirty-five pies arrived.’
  6. Wyoming was the last state to increase the age level for the legal drinking to 21 in 1988. The legal drinking age was set to 19, between the years 1973 and 1988.
  7. The above information is true that has in Wyoming over 48% of the land owned by the U.S. Government, while there is another 6% with the state government.
  8. In the 19th century, there was wagon traffic throughout Wyoming that even today you can see the wagon wheel ruts existing all over the state.
  9. Wyoming is one among the three states beginning with two consonants, while the others are Florida and Rhode Island.
  10. The biggest newspaper in Wyoming is the Casper Star-Tribune, having a Sunday circulation of 22,751.
  11. Wyoming has acquired its reputation for being the “equality state.” This was the first state that allowed women in 1869 to vote. The first woman was Louisa Ann Swain, a 69-year-old in the United States to cast her vote in 1870 in a general election, as the homemaker rose early to purchase yeast and on her way stopped to vote.
  12. Wyoming has sent the highest women percentage to the House of Representatives right from 1989 with a rate as 76.9%. Wyoming also had the first female governor of the United States, Nellie Tayloe Ross, during the period 1925 to 1927.
  13. The Wyoming state offers the huge incentive to promising high school students who agree to stay in state for college, and thus these students earn big money to attend the community colleges of the state.

It is illegal to put on a hat obstructing people’s view in an amusement place or a public theater in Wyoming and is regarded as poor manners.