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Perkins Cove

Perkins Cove is a small harbor bay located in the coastal town of Ogunquit, York County, Maine. The name of the town means “beautiful place by the sea” in the indigenous Abenaki language. The town itself is located on the south western edge of the state of Maine, whereas the state is located in the north eastern part of the United States of America. It is one of the major tourists’ attractions because of the scenic beauty along with countless activities available near the location. The calm blue waters attract thousands of visitors from all around the world throughout the year. Originally it was a small fishing community, but its breathtaking views have forced travelers to visit. Now a major attraction, Perkins Cove has become an ideal place to take amazing photos, shop and eat some quality seafood.

The village of Ogunquit was first settled in 1641. By 1681, the first sawmill had been established. Soon after, ships were being built locally. The area was known as Fish Cove at first, owing to how the fishing was a major source of livelihood and work for most of the population. The Cove at first was not protected from storms in the Atlantic Ocean. To ensure that their boats were safe, fishermen dragged them to shore each night. To better protect their boats, the fishermen banded together to form the Fish Cove Harbor Association, which then bought a chunk of land so that it may connect the Fish Cove to the Josias River.

A channel was dug, and it got wider due to erosion. This resulted in the formation of a Basin, which was to become Perkins Cove. In 1888, the town and cove were connected to the mainland, via the bridge over Ogunquit River. Soon, artists became interested in the area because of the breathtaking beauty of nature. Which is why it is popular among people who appreciate art; Perkins Cove is a home to beautiful art galleries that attract people from all over the country.

Since the place was established, mainly artists and fishers were seen working in the cove.

Perkins Cove consists of a small peninsula that creates a sheltered bay, known as The Basin, which is used as a harbor by the local fishing community. The entire area is ideal for viewing the thrashing waves of the sea, followed by some shallow land that gets drowned in the high tide. The clear blue water and the soothing sound of waves crashing are unforgettable for people who visit.

To the north and the south of the peninsula, there is dense vegetation consisting of trees and bushes. Pathways and roads snake through the forest which adds to the beauty of the location. Perkins Cove is also neighbored by two other coves: Oarweed Cove in the north and Jack’s Cove in the south east.

Perkins Cove is the heart of Ogunquit town’s commercial and recreational fishing fleets. The fishing community fishes for both marine fish and lobsters. As such, there are quite a few local restaurants that offer or are named after lobsters. The Cove helps give the boats a naturally protected harbor to dock in. In the past, these boats had to be dragged onto the shore to prevent from damage. The cove is also a tourist destination.

It has helped develop the tourism industry of Ogunquit, by prompting the development of the peninsula itself has a few restaurants on it and has resorts around it. Even tourists that are staying close to town will often visit the Cove for its sights and sounds. It, therefore, understood that this cove is very crucial to the economy and food stock of the town.


The Cove has a foot draw bridge that connects the Cove to the southern part of the coast. To both the north and south of Perkins Cove lie many resorts, hotels, restaurants, and shops.

Being a significant place for aspiring artists, the Cove has a few wonderful art Galleries on it, like the Don Gorvett’s Perkins Cove Gallery and the Todd Bonita Art Gallery.To the south of the cove lies The Ogunquit Museum of American Art, which contains 1600 pieces in its permanent exhibit collection. These pieces include works of mostly Jack Levine and Carl Walters, but other works from other artists are also on display.

It was founded in 1953 by Henry Strater and happens to be the only museum in the entire state solely dedicated to American art. There are a few other art galleries and museums in the vicinity too. Perkins Cove is considered one of the dream places for artists because of the natural beauty combined with the amazing art by noticeable artists the place has to offer.

There are over a hundred different types of hotels in the vicinity of Perkins Cove, such as Hillcrest Inn Resort, that lies just south of Perkins Cove. The types of hotels here are:

  • Three Star hotels
  • Pool Hotels
  • Bed and Breakfast hotels
  • Free Breakfast Hotels
  • Family Friend Hotels
  • Cheap hotels

The Cove itself is home to a few shops and restaurants, such as Barnacle Billy’s and Perkins Cove Lobster Shack.It also has a few sweet shops as well.The Cove is also home to the Silver lining Sailing Cruise service and FinestKind Inc. that provide touring services for those who wish to see and feel the water. The Cove also has a toy shop and a few gift shops, dealing in souvenirs and antiques. People who love to travel in boats and ships find the Cove the best place to visit for holidays.

The Cove also has the Marginal Way, which is a mile and a half long paved footpath starting in Perkins Cove and going almost to the center of town. It moves to the north of Perkins Cove and takes a coastal route through Israels Head and ends to the south of Ogunquit beach.

Perkins Cove has received positive reviews from those that have visited and critics alike. Many tourists love this quaint little town as it offers a great secluded getaway. Away from the hustle and bustle and traffic of the city life, Perkins Cove is a secluded little bay that allows one to get close to nature.People who have visited this place have rated it highly. It is an ideal place to get some peace in vacations away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

For many, the place holds a special importance because it has managed to maintain its decency and simplicity. Most tourist attractions turn tasteless over the time with the addition of unnecessary activities. Perkins Cove is dignified in what it is, and there is no artificial glitz to make it special. Many tourists also enjoy the food options present on and in the vicinity of Perkins Cove. With many options to choose from, from the regular fast food to special sea food, even lobsters, there will always be something for everyone.