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Redwood National Forest

The Redwood National and State Parks (Redwood national forest) are in the north of California. The parks are primarily located along the coast and are known for their coastal redwood the Sequoia sempervirens (Tallest tree species). The Redwood national forest is the only place in the world where Sequoia sempervirens are currently available. The Redwood National Forest is a well-known tourist attraction. People from all over the world visit Redwood National Forest every year.

Reaching the Park
The nearest airport to the Redwood National Forest is Sacramento, California

  • If you are coming from the north, then you can take the Highway 101 or Highway 199
  • If you are in the east, then you can take State road 299 (west of the park) or State Road 36(North of the park).
  • If you are coming from the south, you can take Highway 101

The Park’s Designations
The parks were established back in the year 1968. The parks were primarily developed to protect Sequoia sempervirens.  The park has received two designations.

  • On 2 September 1980, the park was designated as a World Heritage Site

Area and Size of the Parks

  • Out of the total 112,597.58 acres around, 77,699.63 is federal, and the rest 34,897.95 belongs to the state
  • The Land area of the park is 104,293.02
  • The submerged area of the park is 5,939.38

During the months of June, July, August, and September, most of the people visit the parks. The parks give a deserted look during January as this is the time when numbers of visitors are less.

Redwoods plants
Apart from Sequoia sempervirens, the park contains around 25 conifers species. The park also contains other plant species as well such as Sitka spruce and Douglas fir.

There are a lot of wildlife species in the Redwood National forest which you can see. The ecosystems in the Redwood National forest are very much diversified which means that different kinds of animals can be found here. Common animals that can be seen in the Redwood National forest are those of bald eagles, black bears and sea stars. The Redwood National forest also contains marine animals like gray whales and sea lions as well. Along the coast you can find many other animals as well such as Gulls, Pelicans, crabs, anenomes and ospreys.  While watching the wildlife in the Redwood National forest, you should not go near the animals to feed them.

The rivers near the Redwood National forest can serve as a nice fishing spot for you. The rivers are primarily known for their fishing opportunities and are hence frequently visited by tourists. The most famous river near the Redwood National forest is known as the Smith River. The river comes from the Siskiyou Mountains and passes through the northern section of the Redwood National forest. The river is renowned for the steelhead and Solomon. Another famous river that passes through the Redwood National forest is that of Klamath River.

 Things to Do in the Parks
The Redwood National forest provides you many entertaining and recreational spots. Some of these spots are as follows

Gunnison National Park
The Drive through the Howland Hill Road will expose you to redwoods that have been there for ages. Most of these redwoods can be seen by you along the Mill Creek.

Crescent Beach Overlook and Enderts Beach
The crescent beach overlook will expose you to the scenic beauty of the Pacific Ocean. The Overlook is a beautiful location and is one of the most reputed tourist attractions of the forest. If you go to the Enderts Beach then here you can see some gray whales. The beach is home to multi colored creatures. It is advised that you should visit the beach when it is not rough.

Klamath River Overlook
If you want to see the gray whale migration, then the Klamath River Overlook is an ideal location for you.At the overlook you can see some other marine mammals as well. The outlook is usually crowded with seabirds throughout the year. If you want to enjoy more dramatic views then you can do some hiking by going down the steep trail.

Coastal Drive
The coastal drive will serve as a unique source of entertainment for you. It is an eight-mile road from where scenic views of the Pacific can be enjoyed by you. Along the road you can take pictures of some famous landmarks like Highbluff Overlook andWorld War II Radar Station.

Davison Road
The Davison Road provides you with hiking opportunity at the Trillium Falls Trail. Through the Davison Road, you can also go to the famous Gold Bluffs Beach. After enjoying the beach, you can continue your journey and reach the Fern Canyon which is a renowned tourist sight.

Kuchel Visitor Center
It is the largest visiting center of the forestand is located in the south of Orick. The Kuchel Visitor Center is the largest in the forest and is home to various wonderful exhibits.

The Redwood Trees
Since you will see a lot of Redwood Trees during the tour hence here, we would list interesting facts about these trees. These facts are as follows

  • The redwood is considered as the tallest tree in the world. The tree can grow up to 300 feet.
  • The root system of redwood tree is between 6-12 feet
  • It is a fact that redwood trees are there in this world since the time of dinosaurs
  • Today most of the redwood trees age between 50-150 years
  • The Pacific coast is the only place where these trees grow
  • Sequoia sempervirens is the Latin name given to these trees
  • This tree can capture more carbon dioxide emitted from modern day automobiles. Hence the presence of these trees is critical for the environment in which we live in
  • Many endangered species like marbled murrelet, mountain lions, and Coho salmon depend on the redwood trees
  • The tree is resistant to insects hence their wood is ideal for furniture

The Visitors Guide

The information centers are very much there for the wheel chair utilizers. The wheelchairs are not available currently.

The national park trails are of 16 miles. Similarly, the state park trails are of 40 miles. Both these trails can be utilized for biking

There are no camping areas in the parks

Fishing Opportunities
Fishing opportunities are in abundance as far as Redwood National and state parks are concerned

Food Supplies
If you want information on gas and food supplies then for that you need to call the chamber of commerce which is located in the crescent city. The gas and food can be found by you in places like Crescent City, Eureka, Arcata, Orick, Klamath and McKinleyville

Hiking Opportunities
There are plenty of trails available in the Redwood National and state Parks. Foot trails worth 108 miles are available in the national park. The foot trails in the state park are worth 108 miles. Hence hiking opportunities are plenty here.

The Redwood Hostel is the one where you can do the lodging.

The pets are permitted as far as Lake Earl State and St. GeorgeWildlife Refuge is concerned. The pets are also allowed in the Smith River National Recreation Area. The management of the Clam Beach also does not pose any restrictions on keeping pets.

The national redwood forest is a famous tourist attraction and is a perfect place where you can spend some nice and joyous moments with your family. The place is ideal if you are a person who likes adventure and who likes to spend some time in the wild. You can find various tourist packages related to Redwood National Forest and based on your budget you can select the tourist offering of your choice.