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Hiking tours along the River Place Nature Trail – Austin, Texas

For a challenging, but picturesque hike in Texas, you can’t go wrong with tackling the various hiking routes that the River Place Nature Trail has to offer. It is tucked away in the hills in close proximately to the western neighborhood of the city of Austin. In fact, the locals can’t believe how remote the park feels given its location to the city. During the spring months, it is one of the most beautiful choices for individuals who are looking for an easy hike or something a lot more challenging. With the choices on offer, it is accommodating to everyone.

For the main hiking trail, you begin at the pond on Woodland Park. This route includes a number of long steps, more than 900 to be exact, making it a great workout for all involved! This is roughly a 3 mile there and back trail making it close to a 7-mile route if you opt to do the hike in its entirety. Perfect for those who want a tough workout! It is worthwhile the leg workout given the stunning views of the limestone cliffs and natural beauty you will witness along your walk. Awaiting you along your hike is a tropical-paradise in a creek with waterfalls making for the ideal pit-stop to admire the natural beauty of the trail.

If you have children, then there is a playground on route which they can enjoy whilst you take a well-earned break. Just be aware that the River Place Trail is also known for being a haunted place and some Austin locals won’t bring their kids to here. It is believed that there is a river monster who is sometimes near the trails that lures children into the waters. For those that aren’t worried about this local rumor then it is a perfect place to go for a hike.

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Jennifer Holt is a freelance writer and mom of two girls, who loves nothing more than taking her pet dog on long walks.