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Koziar’s Christmas Village – The Wonderland of Christmas Displays

It is located in deep in the heart of Jefferson Township, near the Bernville, Pennsylvania. Koziar’s Christmas Village is one of the country’s most renowned Christmas attraction situated just fifteen miles away from Reading city in Pennsylvania which is the state’s largest populated city. It’s one of the top Christmas attractions in the northern America, and it has been the core Christmas attractions for about seventy years. By adding more attractions, twinkling displays, and unique exhibits, it has become the prime Christmas charm and the people from not just the nearby areas but from all around the world started taking the tour of this Christmas miracle. It showcases about half a million remarkable attractions which makes it the top Christmas displays in the United States of America.

Koziar’s Christmas Village resides some of the best indoor and outdoor Christmas displays, souvenirs, buildings, and much more. Visitors can enjoy freshly baked cookies as well as many other treats and explore the Santa’s Toy Shoppe for unique gifts, ornaments, souvenirs, and toys for children. Enjoy witnessing the exclusive handmade train platform following through the stunning the tunnels, trestles, then around the miniature area situated in the refreshment barn of the Christmas Village.

Taking a drive through the murky landscape of Pennsylvania and reaching the small hill on the darkened Christmas Village Road to arrive at the well-lit Christmas wonderland is truly magical. Immerse yourself in the incredible valley set aglow with about a million Christmas displays, decorating buildings, gift barns, and spectacular landscape. Here, the charming reflective lake enhances the splendid beauty of this Christmas wonderland. Every year, the Village attracts nearly ten thousand visitors from all around the world.

For about the last sixty-eight years, the Koziar’s family created and continues to operate the spectacular Christmas attraction, also stated as the must-visit Christmas attraction in the northern America. It was started in the year 1948 by William M. Koziar and his wife Grace who created it for the joy of their four children, friends, and neighbors. As it was a dairy farm known as the Spring Lake Dairy Farm, the Koziar family kept this private territory active for the dairy farm. They had to wait until they milked their cows and turn off the lights since there was not enough electricity to operate the machines of the dairy farm and Christmas lights altogether.

By adding more and more attractions to this farm, Spring Lake Dairy Farm became the Christmas House; buildings were added, unique displays were created, pathways were made so that the visitors can easily walk around this extraordinary site, and the Christmas House soon became known as the Koziar’s Christmas Village. The twinkling and colorful lights attract the traffic nearby, and the people started getting closer and closer to see those magnificent Christmas attractions. Koziar’s Christmas Village is entirely a family-owned attraction, and it is currently run by the Koziar daughters as the world-class Christmas Village.

Koziar’s Christmas Village is originally a house and barn of Koziar Family featuring myriads of decoratively well-lit displays, attractions, and buildings throughout its territory. Upon entering the Koziar’s Christmas Village, visitors are greeted by the iconic Rudolph Frosty and the Buddy, the Bear, and then a guided pathway leads the visitors to the core charms of the illuminated buildings and a variety of other displays of the Christmas Village. There is a spectacular attraction of Santa Claus at his central station on the Santa Claus Lane attracting the children.

A wide variety of three-dimensional full-size miniature models are displayed to attract the visitors, portraying the acts from the well-known Christmas Beneath the Sea, Santa’s Post Office, Christmas in the Jungle, Christmas in Other Lands, and many others. Guests can also find the depiction of the notable characters from the comic strips, animated films, and fairy tales, as well as the breathtaking Nativity scenes of the biblical story.

Encompassing in the barnyard of this old dairy farm is a recreation of the Valley Forge military encampment which showcases the era of American Revolutionary War in 1777 to 1778 which took the lives of more than two thousand soldiers due to starvation, disease, malnutrition in the extreme winters. G gauge outdoor train is also the top attraction of this spectacular Christmas Village located in the barnyard. Kissing Bridge is also one of the top sites which is a romantic site of several marriage proposals and engagements in a surrounding of breathtaking well-lit displays.

Moreover, the Koziar’s Christmas Village is not just about the outdoor buildings and displays. It is also home to a wide variety of indoor features ranging from H0 scale model train to souvenir shops, as well as many shops for Christmas decorations, appetizers, and other seasonal items for the visitors. However, the most dramatic feature of Koziar’s Christmas Village is the view of its well-lit displays as a whole; perhaps, one of the most recommended ways to reach this Christmas miracle is by taking the route of Christmas Village Road that displays a breathtaking beauty of this Village. The surrounding area of Koziar’s Christmas Village is the meagerly populated as being part of the farm country.

Koziar’s Christmas Village is one of the top Christmas displays in the entire country. The operation of the village begins in the first week of November and continues attracting the visitors until the first Sunday of the month of January. However, during the offseason, the attractions and display are disassembled and stored for their protection and even get modified for a betterment of the Koziar’s Christmas Village.

In the year 2017, the Village is having the 70th season, and it is also opened on the holidays including Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. A weekend drive into the heart of Berks County reveals the ultimate Christmas light display that is hard to find anywhere else in the country. Because yes, it’s just about that time of the year again.

Not to Miss Attraction in Koziar’s Christmas Village:
This Christmas Wonderland is filled with about a million Christmas attractions, and some of the not-to-miss attractions include the Santa’s Post Office, Old-fashioned Bakery Shop, Christmas Beneath the Sea Lands, the Kissing Bridge, Toy Maker and His Shop, Miniature Village, and more. However, all the displays are family-friendly, and it’s a perfect site to indulge in the Christmas celebrations with world-class attractions. There are several local families who have made Koziar’s Christmas Village as their part of the Christmas tradition for a couple of generations.

The popular Display World magazine has stated the Koziar’s Christmas Village as the Best Outdoor Christmas Display in the World. The Koziar’s Christmas Village has also received the Award of Excellence by the Pennsylvania Travel Council as per being the state’s top tourist attraction.