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Hanauma Bay

The circular-shaped shore, Hanauma bay is located on the southeast of east Honolulu which was once a volcanic crater. Hanauma is one of the most visited and beautiful tourist destinations because of its beautiful wild life that is preserved with a great effort. This beautiful destination offers an overall lifetime experience for all ages to enjoy and get acquainted with superabundance of fishes and marine life.

History of Hanauma Bay
Hanauma Bay was once volcanic cone and because of the lack of water, the place remained inhabited. Despite all these, the archeologists still researched and explored that place which resulted in finding a fishing tool. Moreover, they came across many other factors which indicated them about the human presence. Anyhow, the Bay was still a place for recreation for the king and queen of Hawaii, where they fished, entertained themselves and used to spend some quality time. In 1967, Hanauma Bay was declared as an underwater park and protected marine life conservation. A plan was laid out in 1990 by Honolulu to restore this bay and because of this, today; this place offers a marine ecosystem.

Moreover, this plan includes a video that is essential to be watched by every first visitor before entering the park. This video includes information about the park’s marine life, its preservation, conservation and other safety rules. Moreover, it is strictly prohibited for the visitors to mistreat the animals or destroy anything of the park. Serious consequences are taken again those who refrain from obeying this law. Around 3000 and more visitors on average comes for recreation here. From these visitors, tourists are greater in number than the locals. For the interruption-free feeding of the fishes, this bay is closed on every Tuesday, Christmas Eve and new year ever for the public.

Hanauma Bay Marine life
The crater formed in Hanauma Bay was because of a volcanic eruption that took place 32 years ago. Moreover, over time, the name of Hanauma Bay Beach Park was changed into Hanauma Bay nature preserve which has almost 400 or more tropical fishes and many other sea animals. The most amazing and attractive creatures that are in abundance at Hanauma Bay are the Green sea turtles scientifically named as Chelonia mydas and known as honu. With these Green sea turtles, parrot fishes are also found in abundance. Hanauma Bay provides are a nursery for the baby sea turtles, where they are kept safe and protected. To visit these captivating creatures, summers are the best. For swimming with these turtles, it is very important for the visitors to take some precautions and refrain from disturbing them.

It is guided that the tourist should stay at least 10 feet away from the turtles so that they don’t get disturbed. However, a 9 minutes’ video is shown to every tourist that includes the safety regarding animals and the consequences of violating them. This video also guides some safety features about snorkeling and dangerous areas of the bay. Some of the great fishes that can be seen at the bay are: butterfly fish, parrot fish, damsel fish, Moorish idol, surgeon fish, tang, cardinal fish, wrasse, squirrel fish, big eyes, perch, chub, the former Hawaii state fish, trigger fish, humuhumunukunukukuapuaa, snapper, goat fish, hawk fish, porcupine fish, jacks, mullet, trumpet fish, cornet fish, needle fish, eels, crustaceans and invertebrates.

Hanauma Bay Wildlife and snorkeling
The credit of the popularity of Hanauma Bay snorkeling goes to its wide variety of species present that becomes a source of attraction towards the tourists. Moreover, Hanauma Bay snorkeling is the most famous place in Hawaii. Various snorkel tours are held with proper instructions given by the instructor regarding safety precautions. Moreover, snorkeling at the bay doesn’t require any special training or classes. The instruction received before entering the water is enough. This instruction includes the use of equipment provided and basic snorkeling safety.

However, there are also some snorkel tours that are no guided by the instructor. In these tours, a mask, snorkel, and fins are provided, and the tourists are dropped off at the bay. After some hours they are picked up from that place when they are done exploring. For a great snorkeling tour at Hanauma Bay, it only requires purchasing an underwater camera so that memories can be made and tourist can enjoy capturing some great pictures of the colorful underwater sea life that includes fishes, sea turtles, and many other sea creatures.

Modern Preservation Efforts
Hanauma Bay is a gem for the people of Hawaii. The development at the Hanauma Bay started a long century ago. It first started by building some dirt roads, the, in 1931, paved roads were made with clean bathroom facilities for the visitors. Moreover, a guide rail was also made to go easily through the steep passageway down leading to the base of the crater wall. Soon after the World War 2, drastic changes were seen in the bay with an increase in the construction area. Also, many new restrooms were built which had showers in them and soon, this Bay became the most favorite and visited spot for the tourists and the local people. However, as the time passed, different actions were taken in the preservation of the area and reduced impact of the visitors. Now, this bay not only focuses on its visitors but also, great attention is paid on the educational tours regarding its natural wild life.

Hanauma Bay Geology
On the island of Oahu in Hawaii, Hanauma Bay is a volcanic crater that was discovered a long time ago whose one side is exposed to the Pacific Ocean. This bay is an ideal habitat for marine life because of the rich nutrients that are present in its rock and soil. Moreover, the strong ocean current present is also a source of protection for the marine life. The rich volcanic soil, the warm tropical climate, and the huge reef system make this bay one of the most biologically diverse region present on the planet, earth. The sea life present at the Hanauma Bay is worth seeing as it provides an enjoying experience and is an exquisite way for recreation. However, this island of Hawaii still has some active volcanic eruptions because it is situated over the hot spot. This bay is known as the “natural jewel” because it has one of the most incredible natural resources that are found in the State of Hawaii.

Hanauma Bay Park
Except for the sea area, the Hanauma Bay Park On the Island of Oahu Hawaii is another best are for enjoyment and recreation. Local people and tourists from across the world come and visit here for picnic and family reunion. Hanauma Bay Park is a place which should not be missed at any cost. It has a fantastic bunch of trees, beautiful plants, a picnic spot, a volleyball court and spots for the barbecue to spend quality time.

Fees and cost at Hanauma Bay
As Hanauma Bay is a very famous place for spending good vacations, people across the world visits here which also makes it a very busy and sometimes crowded place on weekends or holidays. The entrance fees of Hanauma Bay is $7.50 per person, and kids of age 12 or under are free. In addition to this, lockers are also available to secure valuable items of the visitors which cost $8 for small ones and $10 for the large ones. Because of the liability reasons, life jackets, vests, and floaties are not available; one has to bring these on their own. For the eatables, there is a snack bar which includes all the items and food for a starving stomach. In addition to all other best things at the Bay, another best thing is the beach wheelchair that is for free which gives the entire view of the bay.

In the morning the beach at Hanauma Bay can be very crowded, a mid-afternoon visit is a bit peaceful with less crowd. For the people, who are interested in getting a better and beautiful view of the bay must try the hiking trails that are made along the ridge and the coastline. Living corals Other beautiful creatures at the bay are the living corals which add more beauty to the ocean. Over 450 or more variety of fishes, octopus, crabs and eels, these corals serves as a home to them. The island of Oahu is full of beautiful living coral forest. Moreover, it is known that, the coral formations and creatures that live at Hanauma bay provide the most beautiful view and landscapes in the world. Moreover, the visitor’s source of attraction is the coral reefs that increments the natural beauty of the bay. Getting to Hanauma bay People can easily reach Hanauma bay as it is located within driving distance from Waikiki. People can drive their own car or take a shuttle bus to get their.

A parking lot is also made at the rim of the crater which provides facility for parking of personal vehicles and buses. As the government has put a limit on the visitors in order to avoided too much crowd, there is a limit on the car parking as well. When the lot becomes full no other person is allowed to park his/her car. Because of this policy, its better to take shuttle and some people consider it more feasible. However, the parking lot remains closed by mid- morning. The best time for arrival is either in the early morning or in the mid afternoon. Moreover, if a person goes by taking a walk, it takes nearly about ten minutes. For the people, planning to visit Hanauma bay should make a schedule and arrive on the right time. There is a makapuu point and a lighthouse as well near the Hanauma bay that are popular for tourist recreation.

Statistics and facts about Hanauma Bay
Hanauma bay being one of the best and popular places among the world have very interesting facts and statistics. There are over 450 different fish species. These fishes are beautiful with different colors. One just cannot refrain from getting amazed after seeing them. Another fact about this sea is the use of mongooses that can be seen at the sea which control the rats. Moreover, the American president Barack Obama recently visited the bay during his vacations at Hawaii. For the educational center designed to educate the visitors about the importance of animals and marine life of Hanauma bay, $16 million is spent by the Honolulu country. The number of visitors at the Hanauma bay per year is nearly about 1.2 million in which most of them are the local residential people. The bay was turned into Marine life conservation district in 1976. Moreover, because of so many deaths and accidents, the toilet bowl was closed in 1990 which was located at the left side of the Hanauma bay.

Hawaii being one of the great places has many different recreational spots and popular places. Hanauma Bay is one of them which provide all the great facilities to visitors and the tourists. This great place has its wildlife and marine life which also makes it one of the best among others. The snorkeling tours held at the Hanauma Bay as discussed above are one of the best and most popular in the world which has all the best facilities. It not only provided the best safety measure but also guides detail information about the Bay and its dangerous spots. However, the sandy beach of Hanauma is also liked by people for relaxing their body and mind, but, snorkeling is always people’s number one preference. For the people, who wants to enjoy their holidays and have the full pleasure of life must visit this amazing place, because it is a life time experience which should never be missed. It is personally advised to take the personal camera with you because the beauty that one will get to see cannot be found anywhere else.