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Ausable Chasm – New York

The United States of America is a place where tourism opportunities are unlimited. People can easily find places that are exciting and have the beautiful views. One such spot in the State of New York is Ausable Chasm, it is a sandstone gorge and is a popular tourist attraction. The gorge is located in the village of Keeseville, the Ausable River runs through the gorge and then ends in Lake Champlain. Ausable Chasm is nearly 2 miles long and is a popular tourist attraction in the Adirondacks region.

General Information
The gorge known as the Ausable Chasm was made by the Ausable River, according to history this was done around 10,000 years ago. The place where Ausable Chasm lies today is the result of head ward erosion of Rainbow Falls. It has been a popular place for a very long time, mainly because it is close to Ausable River, which made life easier for the natives. However, it was first discovered by non-natives in the year 1765 and since then, Ausable Chasm has been able to attract a lot of tourists towards itself.

The gorge also has some weirdly shaped rocks, these rocks have been given names such as Cathedral, The Devil’s Oven, Table Rock and the Sentinel Rock, there are many more such rocks in Ausable Chasm.

In the year 1769, John Howe was able to explore the gorge, the gorge was known as the “Little Grand Canyon” by many people. Ausable Chasm was then later made open to the public in 1870. Tourism opportunities in Ausable Chasm are plenty and some of these opportunities are as follows

1. Adventure Trail:
If you want to enjoy the Ausable Chasm then exploring the adventure trail is mandatory for you. The trail is located in the upper region of Ausable Chasm. The trail is accessible through a ferrata that consists of edge walks, cable bridges, and a cargo net climb. The Ferrata is equipped with a cable (steel) that is running along with the rock. The journey through the Ferrata is very adventurous and exciting. The trail is a perfect location for all those who want to do rock climbing.

2. Mountain Biking:
The Ausable chasm is a place where you can relax and decrease your stress level through mountain biking. The trail is 15 miles, and mountain biking can be done by all the people regardless of their abilities. The exact location of mountain bike trail is the Ausable Chasm Campground and Recreation Center. The trails differ with the level of expertise of the rider for example trails of double wide nature are being developed for beginners and this categorization continues as per the levels. There are many different types of trails available with each providing a different set of entertainment and excitement.

3. Walking Tours:
If you want to see the natural beauty at its absolute zenith then the most perfect thing for you to do is to take the walking tour in Adirondacks. The trails passes through several scenic locations which will leave you fascinated. The trails are well developed and you will not get lost as these trails are well guided as well. The four trails that are available for walking tours are as follows

– Rainbow Falls
– Inner Sanctum Trail
– Dry Chasm Trail
– Rim Walk Trail

4. Golf Course:
The Disc Golf Course is an excellent source of entertainment for the tourist in Ausable Chasm. Unlike the traditional golf, in disk golf instead of balls and clubs flying disks are being utilized by the players. The point is given once the player successfully toss’s the disk into the basket of metal attached with the pole. The golf course can be easily found in the campground and recreation center of Ausable Chasm. The disc Golf has become very popular all over the world, and this can be understood with the fact that there are 3000 such courses already operating in the USA.

5. Gift Shop:
The Gift Shop in the Ausable Chasm is another place where a tourist can spend a good time. The shop consists of different types of gifts ranging from T-shirts, souvenirs, candies, local crafts, maple syrup and other such items. A tourist or a visitor can also find stuff like water shoes and crocs at reasonable prices in the Gift Shop.

6. Night Tours:
The Ausable Chasm becomes a different location all together at night, and its scenic beauty is at its absolute zenith at this point of time. The famous of the night tour that is offered at the Ausable Chasm is the lantern tour. In this tour, the visitors are provided with lights and are divided into groups. Each group is a given a guide who operates the entire tour. Typical destinations which are visited during the night tour are Ausable River, chasm walls and deep dark canyon which is 150 feet below the ground level. The tour ends with a marshmallow roast. The tour can be availed only in the summer months and that too on Friday, Saturday and Wednesday.

7. The Photography Tour:
The photography tour is primarily linked with the Ausable Chasm’s upper arm. The tour is more about education and fun. The tour provides a unique opportunity to the tourists to enjoy the scenic views of the Upper Chasm. During the tour a visitor can photograph or take pictures of pulpit rock, Rainbow falls, devil’s oven and elephant’s head. Apart from photography the tour also offers hiking opportunities at rock structures of ancient nature. The tour gets concluded by the riverside lunch.

8. Rafting:
Ausable Chasm also offers Rafting services which add fun adventure to the overall tourist opportunities provided here. The float tours which are provided here are both memorable as well as exciting for the tourists. The rafting journey starts from the middle of Grand Flume. A guide is there with the tourist during the rafting which serves as a great help. During rafting the guide tells the tourist about the exciting spots such as the Broken Needle and sentry box. The rafting trip ends at the landing area. Once the raft reaches its final location safely the guide concludes the tour after sharing a brief history about the chasm. There are several other options also available for the tourist after the conclusion of the rafting tour. some of these options are as follows

– Exploration of winding rim trail
– Exploration of dry chasm trails
– Return journey to the welcome center via Trolley

9. Rappelling:
The Rappelling in the Adirondack Mountains adds thrill into the overall tourism opportunities that are being provided at the Ausable Chasm. The format of this wonderful tour is such that it begins with a 30 foot rappel which is followed by tyrolean of 150 feet. The tour ends with a rappel of 80 foot and at this 80 foot rappel a tourist is 130 feet above the famous and beautiful Ausable River.

10. Rock Climbing:
The rock climbing opportunities that are available in Ausable Chasm are very exciting and adventurous. The rock climbing adds uniqueness into the tourist opportunities that are being provided in Ausable Chasm. The wall that is located right over the river is allocated for experienced and expert climbers. While for less experienced personnel there are rock faces of easier nature available all over the chasm. The rock climbing is a perfect opportunity for all those people who like adventure.

The Ausable Chasm is a place that is being visited by people from all over the world and apart from the marvelous tourist opportunities that are being provided here there are many other things as well which makes this place a worthy area to visit. Some of these areas are Lookout Point, Hotel Ausable Chasm and Rainbow falls.

Ausable Chasm is a place which is worthy of visiting, located in the heart of New York Ausable Chasm is a perfect location for all those people who adventures maniacs. In case you are planning your next vacation in New York then do put Ausable Chasm in your preferred option. The visit to the place will be a mind blowing experience for you and your family.