Why visit Philadelphia?


In the early days, we witnessed Philadelphia being a capital of the United States. Its pioneer legacy and engineering are practically unrivaled, and its colleges, galleries, organizations and research facilities are top-notch. The city bounced back after its mid-century decline and with the passage of time, Philadelphia has increased its growth rate, and it is becoming a practically affordable place for the people who seek urban life at a reasonable rate.

Visit Philadelphia with your family or friends as it is a huge city with several districts containing sightseeing, restaurant, nightlife and accommodation listings. Philadelphia has a damp subtropical atmosphere with four particular seasons. Winters, regardless of the name 'subtropical,' are cool and frequently blanketed, with temperatures floating around 32°F during the colder months. Typical yearly snowfall is 24 inches (59 cm) which is spread out basically from December to March. However, the region is here and there hit by destroying snowstorms that can dump up to a significant portion of the city in one day. Spring and fall are somewhat pleasant, with temperatures in the 60s and 70s F (15°C- 25°C). Summers are hot and muggy, and conditions can get very obnoxious when the air temperature is close to 90°F (32°C), and dampness is high.

Another reason as to why you should visit Philadelphia is because of the biggest collection of public art that the nation has; courtesy of the city's creative Mural Arts Program intended to stop graffiti and breathe life into the city's structures. They even give a free visit. Other public art of note includes the many glass mosaics found throughout the city; a perfect example of this public art is present on South St. east of Broad. There are many public statue displays in Philadelphia. "The Clothespin" is a sculpture by Claes Oldenburg that looks like a clothespin located on West Market St. LOVE Park, serving as an end between City Hall and the museum-laden Benjamin Franklin Pkwy., highlights a famous LOVE statue that has come to represent the brotherly love that Philadelphia was established on. The site once was the city's (and maybe the nation's) most popular skating attraction until new enactment and redesigning endeavors prohibited skating in the recreation center. Right over the JFK Blvd. from City Hall at the Municipal Services Building, guests can discover numerous overwhelming amusement pieces from prominent tabletop games and additionally a statue of previous leader Frank Rizzo.

The Philadelphia Zoo is also one of the major attractions of the city. It adds more charm and excitement to your trip. Make sure when you visit Philadelphia, you go to the zoo and other amusement parks such as Penn Treaty Park, Pennypack Park, FDR Park and Spruce Street Harbor Park. After all, these are all the places that turn up the spice of your trip!

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