Savannah – Georgia – The Hostess City of the South

Savannah - Georgia

The attraction of millions of travelers–Savannah is labeled as the oldest city in the U.S. state of Georgia. This nostalgic urban settlement has a long and colorful history cram-full of intriguing characters and attractive sites. The area is filled with a variety of architectural art, astounding momentous homes and iconic memorials which incorporate the city’s National Historic Landmark. From beautiful parks and horse-drawn carriages to fancy antebellum architecture, it’s no wonder why Savannah is acclaimed as an exquisite destination and a must visit. In the past ten years, about 50 million or more people have visited the place because of its immense historical background and now this place is regarded as one of the most favored vacation spot. Currently, it serves as an industrial center and a major Atlantic seaport along with being a remarkable tourist spot.

Savannah’s history goes back to 1733 when it was titled as the first city of the thirteenth American colony Georgia. It was already serving as a seaport in the past times and by the time the American Revolutionary War broke out; it had become the southernmost profit-oriented port in the Thirteen Colonies. The city was named after a major river flowing in the southeastern United States.

Charms of Savannah:
This city, resting on the Georgia’s Atlantic coast is known to be a place where life slows down, anxiety banishes, and the experience gets progressively interesting and thrilling. The first thing you’ll notice about this graceful city is its hospitality which also earned it the title of the “Hostess City of the South”. The City’s beauty is perhaps enhanced by appealing Spanish moss, which is often displayed in a series of adorable park-like squares and it’s likely one of the first thing you’ll notice. Savannah succors all kinds of visitors, of every age. It is blessed with an abundance of Oak trees because of which it was named the “Forest City”.

The tourists gain access to the coastal islands and Savannah Riverfront because of the city’s considerable location. On Tybee Island, formerly known as the “Savannah Beach”, stands as one of the seven surviving colonial-era lighthouse towers, though supremely altered in the mid-1800s. For the people that adore shopping, Savannah is just the place to pay a visit to which offers a variety of items and local products. This city also offers a lot of guided tours which help to delve into the city and provide an enhanced view of the city overall. Famous for more than a century Leopold’s Ice Cream is a very well-known homemade ice-cream along with the local beer. The Savannah Civic Center is an anchor to more than nine hundred carnivals, jubilees and other events. There is no meagerness of sublime places in the city, all the historic sites, which includes angelic homes, churches, synagogues, cemeteries and famed forts contribute in the cities resplendency. In the year 2014, roughly 13.5 million voyagers and vacationers headed towards Savannah not only from the United States but from all around the globe belonging to incompatible nations and ethnicities.

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