Explore Mozambique, its Unspoilt Places and Have Fun Sporting


Mozambique is an upcoming tourist destination. It is being polished to appear as a diamond sparkle and to bring influx of tourists. Mozambicans are passionate about sports, having soccer on the firm focus and other sports to lesser extent. There are plenty of other hobbies and recreational activities to participate, but can be costly. This is a beautiful country, but lacks infrastructure.

Mozambique is a developing country. It has 2,500 km of unspoiled beauty and palm-fringed beaches that meet the Indian Ocean warm waters, along with its coral reefs, lagoons, and hundreds of unspoiled islands. There are enough activities to involve other than diving and snorkeling, such as water skiing, canoeing, salt water fly fishing, sailing, sport fishing, jet skiing and windsurfing.

Scuba divers are sure to love this place for the world-class diving. On the other hand, beach lovers will fall for the pristine beaches. Backpackers may find their love t for the hostels and beach accommodations. Luxury lovers can enjoy upscale and privacy in the idyllic lodges and resorts. Travelers enjoying activities such as water sports and adventure travel may explore and conquer. In these days finding unique places that are distinctly sports favorable indicates Mozambique to be the right solution. As a result, most popular sports do not require much money to play.  The sports played here include:

  • Soccer: This is also referred to as football owing to the Portuguese influence. It is hugely popular in Mozambique. You can come across children and adults playing an informal game, especially on weekends. You cannot see proper club soccer structure as in other countries. This is due to the infrastructure challenges, yet there are few professional clubs. There is a lot of exchange in the soccer terms between Portugal and Mozambique and so teams play with each country regularly and also against each other.
  • Basketball: Basketball in Mozambique is a popular sport, like other southern African nations. The Mozambican national team is far behind and has no championships badge. However, this has not strangled their enthusiasm for this sport.
  • Athletics: This is a widely practiced sport offering to get involved. In 2000 Sydney Olympics they won a gold medal and so prove they have weight in this field.
  • Capoeira: This refers to a martial art sport that is growing at a fast pace.

Stadiums and sporting facilities are in short supply in Mozambique, though it has some world class facilities that are constructed now with the assistance of foreign investments. The outlying areas have no to very little facilities, while the soccer clubs attract all the investments. The best stadium is the Estadio do Zimpeto opened in 2011 and can accommodate 42,000 people. It is announced as a multi-use stadium, but is exclusively used for soccer matches.

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