The top drivable destinations on the island of Crete

The largest Greek island with breath-taking scenery and gorgeous locations. This island has a good balance between attractions and locations. Fine sand beaches to the White mountains. There is definitely something for everyone to do and enjoy. Many destinations require some transportation, but public transport can be inconsistent. So, to explore the amazing destinations such as Heraklion Archaeological Museum, getting a rental car would be valuable for a relaxing holiday.

Hiking in Samaria Gorge is an unforgettable experience and one thing few do. The hike lasts 6 to 8 hours depending on the pace through beautiful scenery of Crete. Spring is the best time to arrive when the wildflowers are in bloom and temperatures are cooler than the summer months. And with the amazing flora and fauna, some may be lucky enough to spot a golden eagle or the endangered Bonelli eagle. Gorge is located in the Southwest Crete in the regional unit of Chania. It is about one and a half hours away from the Chania International Airport by car, we found this group was ideal Samaria gorge is definitely for people with a certain degree of fitness but still enjoyed by many and should be on your to do list when visiting Chania.

Monastery of Arkadi can be found in the southeast of Rethymnon. This church dates back to the 16th century and is marked by the influence of the Renaissance. This spectacular church stands proudly at the end of a steep, twisting road on the edge of the Psiloritis Mountains and a perfect spot for any visitors who love history as it was the centre of resistance against the Turks. To get there by car, it should take under half an hour from southeast of Rethymnon. If driving on towards Electherna the right road is the one which appears to go through the monastery grounds. This is a beautiful church filled with history and easily accessed by anyone.

For some historical spots can be boring, but Crete provides different activities for anyone to enjoy themselves on the holiday. One of those activities is Bungee jumping off Aradena bridge. This bridge is the second highest in Europe with a height of 138 meters, is perfect for any thrill seekers. It should take under 2 hours to drive from the centre of Chania by car. Around the bridge and the gorge there is one of the most impressive natural scenery that you have ever visited on the island of Crete. Any thrill seekers should visit this bungee jump for an unforgettable experience and beautiful scenery.

For the beach goers, Elafonisi is the beach. White sand and turquoise water are a small reminder of the Caribbean, and in some places of the beach you will find pinkish sand taking its colour from millions of crushed shells. This beach is amazing as often breaks in two parts by water giving the impression of being separate island. The island is full of wildlife and flora, including sea daffodils and loggerhead sea turtles. The island is accessible by foot even when there is water, as the sea water never exceeds 1 meter in depth. Elafonisi is located 76km west of Chania or about one and a half hours away from the center of Chania.

For explores and myth enthusiast Diktaion Andron is a must. Cave famous as the birthplace of the mythical god Zeus, the father of the Gods, with walkways and stairs through its chambers. The Dikteon Cave is found in the Mountain Dicte range in East Crete, on the Lassithi Plateau. The cave is filled with stalactites, stalagmites and a subterranean lake. From the capital, Heraklion, it is about 60km away and just over a one-hour drive. This is an amazing spot to go back in time for the rich mythology and history of the gods. As well as the history, you will witness unforgettable sites inside of the cave.

Crete offers a variety of places to visit and things to do for anyone and everyone. It is a very beautiful island to visit and explore. To get to these amazing places mentioned above the car is the best option as a mode of transport as it is the easiest way to get there. Crete will leave no one disappointed, as any gems and picturesque spots can be found on this island.

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