Visit Iao Valley This summer!

Lao ValleyIao Valley is a treasure to be accessed easily by anyone. While most people fail to spend a longer time here, undoubtedly, it is a must-see.

Iao Valley in the summers are the best, and it has a famous attraction the Maui Valley West that can be reached by car. This was the Battle of Kepaniwai site, where King Kamehameha conquered the forces and kings of Maui. This is an important political center of Maui. Today, Iao Valley is a serene, peaceful destination revealing the Hawaii’s history and allows exploring various facilities and attractions.

The Iao Valley Needle
The Iao Needle is at 1,200 feet from the valley floor and is the most iconic landmarks. This remnant of lava is taller than the Eiffel Tower and was a lookout for Maui warriors during warfare times. Today, visitors take a short hike on the Iao Needle Trail and scale 133 steps to get the Iao Valley and Wailuku stunning panorama. The needle is covered in clouds sometimes, so start early in the day to get best views.

Best Things to See
The best things to see in Iao Valley in the summers are the flowing waterfalls, tropical rain forests of 4,000 acres, looming mountain peaks and the Iao Valley located in Maui. The breathtaking place is the Hawaii on the island. Today, the Iao Valley is a National Natural Landmark and is a well-known destination for visitors. Starting from Old Wailuku Inn, it takes a 10-minute drive, here guests can enjoy their noon by sightseeing, hiking and exploring more at this State Park of Iao Valley.

Hawaii Nature Center
Hawaii Nature Center, from 1981, its establishment has worked to impart knowledge to visitors about environment preserving and has the location in the Iao Valley and Oahu. Guests coming here can view the variety of interactive programs and exhibits including nature excursions, weekend activities, environment restoration projects and rainforest walk focusing on connecting the Hawaii natural beauty.

Kepaniwai Heritage Gardens
Kepaniwai Heritage Gardens is located within Iao Valley State Park. It presents a fascinating collection of memorial gardens. Guests can stroll among waterfalls and ponds that are Iao stream fed and view traditional homes of people from Portugal, Japan, China, New England and the Philippines.

Right time to visit
December to March or Mid-April is the high time. If you are planning to visit around this time, consider quick bookings for accommodations, airfare, and car rentals. The off seasons are in between mid-Apr to mid-June and Sept to mid-December.

Traveling in summer means you are not going to get the best bargains of fall and spring. However, you will enjoy better on packages, accommodations, and airfare in the winter months.

Places to eat
Lunch at The Mill House Restaurant and enjoy lunch items as a rotating menu amidst scenic mountains and tropical plantation. The Lunch is available from 11 am to 3 pm. Enjoy fresh roasted Maui-grown coffee, creative dishes, and local produce. The lunch specialties include avocado salsa on pork tacos, classic cheeseburger with aioli and pastrami sandwich with kimchi.
Best Items to carry to Iao Valley
• Raincoat or Pancho
• Closed toe shoes that are slip-resistant
• Mosquito repellant
• Swimsuit, dry clothing, and a towel, if you take a dip
• Water bottle

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