Traveling to the US this summer? Here’s a list of must’ve apps on your Smartphone

App's on your smartphone

Anytime you are on the go, your phone can be your best resource cum friend. In this present age of Smartphone’s, your apps are the right choice to give you right direction to tabulate expenses, find hotel direction, and much more. These are the guiding stars that ensure the ultimate experience. Having apps while traveling this summer to the US is helpful as you just need to move your fingertips and acquire a wealth of information. Here is a list of apps that is a must to have on your smartphone and are Free for is and Android:

It is easy to use, comprehensive and also playful.  Citymapper Provides detailed journey planner information, including disruption alerts and real-time departures, besides cycle routes and Uber integration. It is available for over 30 cities worldwide, covering the city-break destinations.

Nearly 70 million people are with Duolingo as registered users. This is a free well-designed language learning app. This app is a fun way to learning basics or keeping yourself updated on vocabulary and grammar, before a trip abroad. The app guides you through levels to complete before advancing, and you can gain experience points on your way.

XE Currency
XE is the go-to site on the web for currency conversions that it is popular. It has features that are business-oriented, such as the history of currency charts and precious metals rates, besides it is ideally useful for a traveler to convert world currency. It functions offline also, and this may be done by saving the updated rates and can be used where there is limited or no connectivity.

This is a pocket travel agent, Tripit. It brings travel information as emails for confirmation of flights, rental cars, hotels, events bookings and converts everything into a single itinerary. When traveling with others also this app is useful as you can share the plan easily and can move with coordination.

This app helps in splitting bills and is geared for providing the platform to share costs on traveling between friends. You can also enter the expenses and is useful for the multi-destination trip so that the currencies are supported, and the best part is that you can also have mixed currencies working in this app without you doing the conversion all by yourself.

App in the Air
This app is a flight tracking app offering the airports and airlines coverage. You can know your flight status even without the internet coverage. It breaks as check-in, boarding, flying time and landing.

Google Translate
This translator is a useful tool as it helps in language learning seriously. It is useful on a practical level translation the words as it comes across on the travels. Google can translate instantly even if you hold the camera to texts such as a menu or a sign.

There are much more such as Live Trekker that creates your travels digital journal, tracks as you go and suitable for adventure travelers. There is Wolfram sun exposure that offers information on the time to spend in sun and cream to use.

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