Amazing lakes to visit in the United States

Lake Michigan

The United States is a large country with vast resources and attractions. It prides in being home to some of the most amazing lakes globally. As a matter of fact, if you are a lake lover, the US is the place to be and the range of lakes you may visit is simply amazing. With so many beautiful lakes in the United States, it can be difficult to choose from all the options, here are some of the top lakes you would love to visit while touring the United States.

Great Lakes
The largest group of freshwater lakes in the world stretches across the Canada-US border and can truly be likened to different inland seas. Hiking, surfing, kayaking, exploring the seabed … The Great Lakes have Great Moments! The Great Lakes are 5 lakes (and about 35,000 small islands) located in the northeastern United States, 4 out of 5 of which share a border with Canada, and the other with 8 US states. The largest group of freshwater lakes is spread over an area of 244,100 km2 and has a volume of 23,000 km3.

Lake Superior
The largest lake of 5 straddles the Franco-Canadian border and is fed by more than 200 rivers; to the north-west, Lake Superior owes its name to its position … superior (geographically speaking) to other lakes. Next to the lake is a small national park located on Isle Royale is a paradise for solitaries in search of an intimate face to face with nature. Hiking, canoeing, scuba diving, boating, or simply contemplation, everything is possible. Small precision, the park is famous for its population of … wolves. This beautiful park is literally double-sided: to the west, impressive colorful cliffs, and to the east, flat land, with soft beaches and dunes. In the midst of this protected fauna and flora, you can go hiking – and often land on beautiful waterfalls – opt for a kayak trip or a fishing trip.

Lake Huron
Straddling the Canadian province of Ontario and the US state of Michigan, Lake Huron is only separated from its neighbor, the famous Lake Michigan by a strait, the Straits of Mackinac. Originally called “La Mer Douce” by the French, it is definitely known sailors, who do not consider it so sweet that: there are more than 1,000 wrecks … The beautiful beaches surrounding the lake usually have lighthouses that are still possible to visit today, between 2 tanning sessions. The places also lend themselves well to water sports. The more adventurous meet every year at the Bayview Mackinac Race, and the most … tanned opt for a jet-ski ride on the undulating waters of the lake. Dreamers will head silently, binoculars around the neck, in the forests, and near the beaches to observe the local wildlife, while the more athletic ones will opt for a bike ride from Alabaster Road to Tawas Point State Park.

Lake Michigan
Some associate Lake Huron with Lake Michigan and say they are one; others (we) prefer to consider them separately. It is the only lake to be entirely located on the American territory, and it is bordered by 2 important cities of Michigan: Chicago and Milwaukee – although it is actually 12 million people living around its banks. Known as the “3rd Coast”, Lake Michigan is proud of its beaches; large, calm, with fine sand and often decorated with dunes, they are certainly a destination stormed by tourists when the sun comes up. Some of the coolest are Bradford Beach, JW Wells State Park, Orchard Beach State Park, and Traverse City State Park.

Lake Erie
The shallowest and southernmost lake is characterized by its fishing area, which is one of the most commercial freshwater fisheries. The fishery is decidedly commercial on Lake Erie, but it is also possible to opt for some sports fishing – even if, once again, the coolest and most populated waters are on the Canadian side – or even ice fishing. The waters of the lake freeze in winter, but many hook professionals dig a hole in the ice to catch wriggling fish. Experienced divers find themselves in the deep end of the lake, where thousands of shipwrecks still litter the ground.

Lake Ontario
The “Beautiful Great Lake” straddles the state of New York and the Province of Ontario – hence the name – and most of the places to see are on the Canadian side; Niagara-on-the-Lake, Kingston, Toronto, and Mississauga are among the cities to visit. On the American side, the shores of the lake are less developed, but of course, do not miss a tour to Niagara Falls – they are also on the US-Canadian border.

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