What to Pack for Your Beach Adventures in California

Sun, sand, and sea. These are what makes the California coast a must-visit for avid beachgoers or anyone who just wants an amazing beach holiday for that matter. Before you head out the door and go on your Californian beach adventures, here are a few pointers on what to bring with you.


First up: clothes. Here are several pointers to help you pick which items to take with you on your Californian beach adventure.


Go for something lightweight, breathable, and stylish at the same time. Tank Tops are the quintessential beach top. However, if you want something with short sleeves, you can never go wrong with good old t-shirts. Lightweight cotton and linen are breathable natural fibers. If you opt for synthetic ones, rayon or nylon-polyester blends are the way to go. 


Shorts are the go-to styles for beachgoers. They’re breezy, relatively cheap, and virtually everywhere. Just like tops, you want something light, airy, and non-restricting. Linen shorts are popular summer shorts that can also be worn at the beach. But, if you want something more durable and quick-drying, synthetic blends are your best bet.


Swimming isn’t the only thing you do at the beach. Sometimes you want to take a stroll or visit a few bars and food trucks nearby. Changing in and out of your swimwear just so you can do this between your swims would be very impractical. Having a coverup lets you enjoy the beach in and out of the water without much fuss.


Although going barefoot at the beach seems like a no-brainer, it can get pretty uncomfortable once it gets pretty hot out. Plus there is always a chance of stepping on something sharp ruining an otherwise fun beach outing. Protect your feet with flip-flops or sandals. They are relatively cheap and portable too. Water shoes are awesome alternatives too especially on non-sandy beaches.


These are smaller items you can bring with you to improve your beach holiday experience.

wayfarer sunglasses on beach sand during daytime


These are a must, especially in California. It can get pretty bright out and glare can be very uncomfortable. Protect your eyes from damage and keep yourself from getting blinded by the sun’s reflection on the water with these bad boys. Classic wayfarers and club masters would do for the most part.


Speaking of sun protection, here is another item to keep sun exposure at the minimum. Sunblock and Sunscreen are great at keeping the sun at bay but nothing beats good old hats. Unlike sunscreens and sunblocks, hats can protect you far longer and they don’t need constant reapplication.


It goes without saying that swimsuits should fit you well. This is to avoid embarrassing accidents at the beach. Take your time when picking a swimwear and carefully examine and fit it before purchasing. The swimsuit must be made from durable materials, has good build quality, and most importantly comfortable to wear. Pro tip: bring a couple of extra pairs just in case.

Beach towels

Your ordinary bath towels at home are bulky and essentially just a pain to lug around. Fortunately, the beach and travel towels are a thing now. They are made from lightweight yet ultra-absorbent material like microfiber. These thin fabrics pack small and dry pretty fast. Most travel and sporting goods shops have these and they can also bee bought online.


These are things, although non-essential, are good things to have if you want to amp up your beach experience.

aerial photo of person using paddleboard

Water Jugs

It’s important to stay hydrated especially when spending hours outside when it’s hot. Having big water containers with you ensures you get enough water and avoid getting dehydrated. It’s also good for the environment as these containers are durable and reusable.

Beach Tent

As we’ve established: too much sun exposure is bad. And the best protection from it is shade. A good beach tent not only provides shade, but some tents also have other features like bug nets and windproofing. This lets you have a nice little place to chill while keeping the bugs away.

Fishing gear

Fishing is a great activity if you want to relax and zone out at the beach. People find it a great activity to de-stress and unwind after a week of hard work. Before you do, make sure to check with the beach’s policies and guidelines if fishing is allowed. If it is, read up on the best places to cast and which baits to bring. This will let you get straight to the action with little fuss.

Watersports gear

If you want a more active activity then why not try your hand at various water sports? There are hundreds to choose from with varying complexities but all guaranteed fun. Standup paddleboarding or SUP is one such activity. It’s like surfing but with a long paddle to help you move around. You can use inflatable boards that let you paddle anywhere you go. Dogs love to paddle board too!


Here some other items we thought you might want to include in your packing list. Feel free to add or remove things based on your needs.

Waterproof bags

Having a sealable container is a great way to keep your valuables and electronics sand and waterproof. They range in size and some even have straps so you can bring them with you even in the water. This is great if you want to keep some important items with you at all times.

Sandproof Beach Mats

These picnic mats are designed to keep sand and water off of your stuff as well as provide a comfortable place to lay down and relax. Some of these even have anchor hoops at the corners where you can secure the mat preventing it from being blown away by the wind.

Power banks

Keep your gadgets juiced up with a reliable and element proof power bank. These are widely available and are compatible with most gadgets out in the market. A great way to take more pictures and listen to more of your favorite music without fear of running low on power.

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