A Tour to Berlin’s Gastronomy

A Tour to Berlin's Gastronomy

Berlin is a beautiful place that makes you walk unknowingly for hours through the streets. Berlin summer is glorious as it is no longer freezing. So you can find the parks full of beer swigging hedonists. The best part is that even the municipality does not interfere and ruin the fun on the streets as it is too underfunded. All said and done, it is lunchtime and your stomach must be rumbling on smelling typical German food. Explore the Berlin’s kitchens.

Berlin has a multicultural, diverse and delicious cuisine. It has Indian, Pakistan, Turkish, Czech and Polish influences. Berlin has many cheap and popular dishes. Berlin has the most prize-winning restaurants and hence is most preferred German city that food lovers visit. A cuisine sybarite will find Berlin as the perfect destination. In case you are looking for affordable and popular cuisine, you are assured to find to meet all wallets and tastes.

Typical Food Choices
For typical German fast food, visit ‘Imbiss’, a classic place. This is a street stall and you can purchase fast food such as ‘Bulettes’ that has German Sausages of all kinds or a Turkish Doner Kebab. Both, Doner Kebab and Boulette arrived in the 60’s to West Berlin with some immigrants and are now available with all fast food places. Likewise, Currywurst sausage includes curry and ketchup in lots, very typical of Berlin food and is consumed all over Germany.

The Berlin cuisine is traditional, substantial and rustic. You can find homemade recipes doled out in family environments. However, even then there will be plenty of dishes with various ingredients such as cabbages, potatoes; vegetables, cucumbers, but again most recipes base is the pork and fowl. Traditional dishes include:

  • beef (Rinderbrust) with horseradish
  • cabbage (Sauerkraut) and mashed peas
  • pork knuckle (Eisbein) with cabbage
  • mashed potatoes (Stampfkartoffeln) and roast goose
  • roast liver with apple
  • smoked pork (Kasseler)

Commonly, most Berlin restaurants include “unter de Woche” in their daily menu. They serve dishes with potatoes, sauces, leberwurst (liver mash sausage), puddings, hamburgers with Kartoffelsalat (Many ingredients with cooked potatoes), mashed potatoes, apple puree and Königsberger Klopse (mustard sauce in meatballs.  Eating herrings (a favorite fish) is very regular and common. It is cooked in many ways.

Cheap Beer Options
If you are looking to eat in good and cheap restaurants, go to the Neukölln and Kreuzberg neighborhoods. However, confirm if they accept credit card. This is because not all the restaurants in the city have this service.

Beer is the typical drink of Berlin and it includes black, red, lagers, wheat, etc. Beer is known as Radler and comes with lemonade and there is a beer known as Diesel and it comes with cola. Biergarten is the best location to enjoy good beer. This is an outdoor patio to enjoy your drink and also to eat something.

Unique Restaurants
Klo receives more tourists and this restaurant is around since 1971. Guests are served traditional sauerkraut and German sausages in enamel potties and beer is delivered in sample bottles. Here, guests can choose to enjoy their meal on a coffin or a toilet seat. The restaurant is referred to as a cross between a theme park and a zoo; iguana and bird-spider, the resident boa-constrictor, are very popular with guests. Theme park elements appear as various surprises guests and there may be rotating bar stools or papier mache hammer swinging near the heads.

Nocti Vagus and Unsicht Bar serve food in complete darkness. This is an attention grabber trick, actually in both restaurants the waiting-staff is visually impaired and it is found that from experience their other senses are really heightened. Both restaurants are amazing places as it includes cultural evenings, jazz nights and poetry reading. A simple warning is to avoid wearing white.

Now, after eating the best meal, you need to rest a bit. So, rent a Berlin Apartment and take genuine rest.

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