Things to Know Before Visiting Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas Strip

When you’re traveling through the United States, there’s are so many reasons to stop by the City of Sins, Las Vegas. In the state of Nevada, Las Vegas is known for its abundance of casinos, nightclubs and world’s largest hotels with world-class shows and attractions. The most prominent and visited area of the city is termed as the Las Vegas Strip. The Las Vegas Strip is a lengthy avenue located in southern Las Vegas. It is stretched out to a fairly accurate distance of 6.8 kilometers (about 4.2 miles). The Strip also runs through the small townships of Winchester and Paradise, and home to world’s most colossal guesthouses and casinos.

Here at the Las Vegas Strip, the first building; El Rancho Vegas, was built in early 1941, which was operated as a hotel and a casino. However, by the course of time and increasing numbers of visitors exploring the Las Vegas strip, a great number of casinos, hotels and clubs have been built. The very first chapel on the Strip was constructed in 1942, known as the Little Church of West. The city of Las Vegas gave birth to several iconic public figures, most notably Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and George Burns. The illuminations of the Strip were turned down on the passing away of each of these individuals. The Strip has recently been the subject of an ill-fated mass shooting which took place in one of its plots during a concert in 2017.

What’s so Special About Las Vegas Strip?
Aside from the world’s finest casinos and hotels, the Strip scuttles through several amusement parks and thrilling rides. The most well-known of these are High Roller, the Roller Coaster, Adventuredome, X-Scream and Big Shot. In addition, visitors can also enjoy golf at the golf courses sited on the Strip. Two of these golf courses are recognized among tourists, the Bali High Golf Club inaugurated in 2000 along with the Wynn Golf Club, owned by Wynn Resorts.

The Strip holds many of Nevada’s largest shopping centers. Some of these are The Forum Shops at Caesars, Bonanza Gift Shop, The Shoppes at the Palazzo and The LINQ Promenade. There is a considerable amount of entertainment spots on the Strip, namely the T-Mobile Arena and Las Vegas Festival Grounds. Celebrities, such as Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Celine Dion and Jennifer Lopez have led performances on the Strip which enticed a large number of visitors from all around the country.

Future Expansions:
Las Vegas Strip has been an undergoing development and expansion for a long time. Construction of the Las Vegas Stadium kicked off in 2017 and is anticipated to host its first game during the 2020 season of NFL. Other buildings such as The Hard Rock Hotel and the Monte Carlo Resort are under construction. Wynn Resorts, owners of the Wynn Golf Club acquired land on the strip and have proposed a 2000-room hotel to be built soon. The Las Vegas Strip is thus, one of the United States’ most appealing and historical regions that have accommodated several million tourists during the course of its history and will carry on to do so in the future.

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