Savannah, Georgia – a Paradise for History Enthusiasts

Savannah Georgia

Savannah is standouts amongst the most sentimental urban communities in the United States and is often included in many travelers’ lists of must-visit destination. It lies in the state of Georgia and carries the label of the oldest settlement in the United States. Its prominent suburban area jampacked with artifacts, buildings, and other relics possessing a significant role in the city’s historical background. One of the United States’ first-born urban areas, Savannah incorporates a unique cultural legacy. Savannah is currently a modern hub for industries and serves as a vital seaport enabling trade through the Atlantic Ocean. In terms of land area, Savannah is Georgia’s fifth largest urban area.

Savannah’s significance as a seaport has always been existing through the course of its history and the region was filled by colonizers. By the course of time, the British had laid out their thirteen colonies on the American lands, Savannah was given its status as a profit-making seaport of the southern zones. The British had to counter the American Revolutionary War during this period. It is supposed that the city derived its name from a river bearing an eponymous name.

Culture & Activities:
Tourists who travel to Savannah are often left astonished by its lushness in arts and culture. The city is an important musical center. The Savannah Music Festival, believed by many to be the most enjoyable music fiesta in the world, is held within the city. Moreover, the Savannah Theatre amuses theatergoers with its marvelous year-round performances and dance shows, as well as the Savannah Ballet Theatre is a world-renowned dance theatre in Savannah. The city also makes its mark in the subject of literature, conducting an annual Savannah Book Festival for bibliophiles.

Charms of Savannah:
Savannah is one of those lively cities where you can always find something that demands your attention, in other words, it has attractions for all the ages. Day-trippers can spend a day out at the Savannah Beach, where the incredible Tybee Island Lighthouse stands. Savannah’s elegant architectural style gives it a striking outlook. Aside from the infrastructure, the city is known for its abundant breed of Oak Trees which earned it the name of “Forest City.” The Savannah Civic Center is holding several famous venues of more than nine hundred carnivals, jubilees,and other events. The research concluded that Savannah remains to be one of the most adored cities for American residents. Hence, Savannah is a city not only known for its prosperity in a particular domain. The city is admired by tourists as an area with affluence in almost every prospect, be it art, music or literature. The people of Savannah are also known to be warm and hospitable towards tourists. It is quite often regarded as the “Hostess City” for being identified to strike its guests with its cordiality and appeal. As of 2014, approximately 13.5 million tourists and vacationers chose to head towards Savannah not only from the United States but from all around the world belonging to different countries and ethnicities.

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