Travelers Guide to John F. Kennedy Space Center, Florida

John F. Kennedy Space Center

The famous John F. Kennedy Space Center in Florida – have some beguile aspects that prove why this place has such an immense influence regarding tourism, as well as eminent missions and rocket launch in the United States. John F. Kennedy Space Center is stationed on the Merritt Island in Florida occupying a massive area of around 249 square miles. It holds the title of being one of the top ten Aeronautics and Space Administration fields in the world. It’s also the known for its popular space missions including Skylab, Space Shuttle and Apollo were carried out here. The mission, Apollo 11 that’s recognised as one of the first space missions which took Neil Armstrong along with his fellow astronauts into space and landed on the Moon (It was the first time in human existence that a man stepped out to the space and the ascend to the Moon), that was launched here at Kennedy Space Center and perhaps that’s the main reason for the Center’s universal recognition.

Formerly, the launch operations were performed the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station since 1949. However, later in the years, the US President John F. Kennedy initiated the idea for an expansion of launch operations. The plan was also promoted as the earlier launch center was inadequate to hold and launch the Titanic 363-foot rocket for Saturn V. Thus, the construction begun in 1962. This exceptionally designed launch center was named after its originator, John F. Kennedy. He, himself visited the site twice before his assassination in 1963.

Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex:
It’s not just the space geeks that visit this place, there are other people who don’t seem to understand everything but just admire the prodigious history and features of this place and for such people, NASA activated a Visitors complex mostly for the astronomy regulated tourist but many undistinguished humans also seem to adore the place quite well. The Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex has a lot to offer along with several exhibits and activities such as simulators and rocket launches. The Apollo/Saturn V Center being the most eminent of all as it contains rocks extracted from the Moon itself and it seems to be the most engaging feature of this exhibit. It also has a simulator that simulates a personal experience for the historic Apollo 11 mission along which itself is a stunning experience to witness and feel the intriguing vibe of this remarkable occasion with simulators of several space launches and missions. Other centers like the Astronauts Hall of Fame and Rocket Gardens are also the must-visit site in the Center.

The auxiliary diversions at the Kennedy Space Center involve the “Rocket Gardens” displaying numerous non-functional rockets that were included in former missions. The Garden exhibits some acclaimed rockets namely, Thor-Delta and Titan II. A space shop is also set up, housing space-related items on sale for the enchanted visitors. Consequently, this science park never fails to attract people with a record of 1.5 million people visiting annually.

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