Visiting Paris, Note the Pricey Mistakes to Avoid

Visiting Paris

Paris is an amazing city that visitors have something to experience each time. This includes world famous museums and landmarks in association with café life, chic shopping, strolls along the banks and gastronomic blowouts. The overwhelming experience this Paris city can offer may be a real challenge to know where to start for first-timers, but of course with a little forethought and proper planning, a perfect debut is possible.

Enjoying outdoor seat in the Paris city at a classic café is an excellent option. A first time visitor may not find everything to be easy. Visitors have to handle quite a lot right form Jet lag to language barriers and from the public transit system to a new currency. Some save our entire lives in visiting the City of Light, while end up making pricey mistakes that none would appreciate to keep it as souvenirs. There will be a few faux-pas here or there, but will not spoil your experience, but there are a few common mistakes to avoid. This will help save time, enjoy within your budget and feel the most out of your trip. To begin with:

Paying for water
In Paris restaurants, tap water is free. But, the waiters here will prey on tourists who keep wondering if the tap water is drinkable or not. French tap water is fine and the plague days are over. Avoid buying pricey bottled water owing to the pressure of the waiters at the Paris restaurants. It is worth buying only if you wish to drink mineral or sparkling varieties. Instead, ask for a carafe d’eau; enjoy spending the Euros on this extra dessert.

Buying passes
Paris city is dotted with museums and so you need not overboard yourself with a heap of passes. Are you prepared with a metro pass and a museum pass, do not worry, you can skip some lines. The pressure to make use of the passes will always be there. Do not consider it seriously. In case, it is a nice day and you wish to walk or linger in the gardens, but are forced to use the museum passes prior to its expiry, it will really trouble you. So never make the mistake of buying the museum passes or the metro pass in advance. Instead plan your route so that you enjoy every moment of your visit.

Versailles is stunning, but if you are visiting Paris only for a few days, you may consider it for your next trip. If you have only very few precious days the decide wisely. Especially, if you are visiting Paris in the summer or spring, be prepared to give several hours of vacation time at the majestic chateau in line before fighting crowds to catch one glance of Marie Antoinette’s bed.

Avoid Breakfast at Hotels
Paris breakfast is tasty and typical and so you can enjoy at any local café. However, if you head to a hotel for breakfast then make sure to pay a hefty amount. So, there is no need to break your savings or make a hole in your pockets for a mere breakfast. Instead, proceed to a café and enjoy a croissant and coffee for a bit less than €5 Euros.

Stay away from Central areas
Do not make the mistake of staying in the central areas it is very expensive. There are plenty of cheap hotels and commuting into Pairs city is not very difficult with the transportation being convenient. Avoid staying in the central, but within the heart of the city, so that you need not spend hours on a train.

Paris Lines
Be ready to wait, because all the tourist attractions can be epic. It looks like being a slave to queues and lines. It is recommended to visit on Wednesday and Friday nights as the lines at the Louvre are shorter and on Thursday evenings, do visit the Musée d’Orsay. However, there is no escape day or timing for the Eiffel Tower. It is always busy, which means planning ahead is the best. You can get your tickets booked early and also join the queue a bit early.

Trying to visit all
Visiting Paris with a good planning on one trip is impossible. You can skip the Eiffel Tower and the Mona Lisa as they will not be going anywhere. Enjoy that is available right now in Paris and keep these important places for the round two.

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