Visit Cusco – You will Surely Re-visit

Cusco Peru

Cusco is referred to as America’s archaeological capital. Cusco represents the fall and rise of the Inca Empire and Spanish invasion. Today, you can see a collision of Spanish and Andean styles making Cusco a place a distinct place on earth.

The city is out of Peru’s capital, Lima. Millions of tourists visit Cusco to get a peek of Machu Picchu, South America’s greatest spectacle. Discovered by an American explorer in the early 20th century, the most stunning architectural feats are the fabled ruins. However, the enchanting city offers lots of reasons for the visitors to visit Cusco, right from the Temple of the Sun, Qorikancha to delectable Andean cuisine. There is no doubt that the Peruvian city will charm its visitors in no time.

Right Times to Visit
The right time is from June to mid-September.  Throughout the year, the temperatures are the mid to upper 60s, while rain showers are seen in the winter months, few times. This is a peak season and so there will be fellow trekkers in plenty as you visit the iconic sites.

However, if you wish to stay away from the tourist’s swells and high room rates, visit between late September to November first week. Completely avoid between late November and April, as there will be heavy downpours. Do not forget warm clothing to carry to stay protected from the chilly temperatures at the nighttimes dipping into the 30s and 40s low.

Tips to Save Money

  • Rely on your feet to get around and this is the best affordable way to go around the city.
  • Buy a Boleto Turistico. This is a pass offering access in Cusco to 16 attractions, where some accept it as entrance fee. It costs 130 soles for a Boleto Turistico, approximately $40. You can also buy a partial ticket known as Boleto Parcial that offers access at half the cost to fewer sites.
  • Visit in spring for better hotel rates. This is the time after winter months between late September and November.

Entry & Exit Requirements
To enter Peru, a valid passport is required. U.S. travellers can stay 90 days without a visa as long if they have returned or continued travelling documentation. If they wish to stay beyond 90 days, they must apply for a special visa. Peru collects $30.74 as international departure tax from each individual. This may be the cost included in the plane ticket or cash is collected on departure at the airport. In case, you are flying within Peru domestically, you may pay $10.68 as taxes. Vaccination if recommended against yellow fever, though Peru does not insist on immunizations prior to entry.

What to Eat
Peruvian cuisine is highly popular for its authentic and fresh dishes. Most dishes carry big flavour that can never be seen in South American and Latin fare. The popular dishes are Lomo saltado, (fried beef with fries) and ceviche, (a dish of fresh raw fish having flavours of spicy citrus).
Other traditional dishes are choclo con queso, (local cheese and boiled corn) adobo (a pork stew and corn beer) and capchi de setas(Vegetarian stew). Peru produces potato in more than 4000 varieties and so there are dishes centred with potatoes and other veggies include avocados and corn.

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