Things to Know About Washington Monument in Washington D.C

Lincoln Memorial, DC

Constructed to honor and commemorate George Washington, the first president of the United States and once a leader of the Continental armed forces, the Washington Monument is a world’s tallest obelisk located in the heart of National Mall. This memorial can be seen at the east of the Lincoln Memorial and the Reflecting Pool, also recognized as the city’s most iconic landmark.

History of the Monument:
The construction of the Washington Monument began in 1848 whereas the project was ceased in 1884. The monument was built to dedicate awe, respect, and gratitude to the most crucial and Founding Father of the US, George Washington. It was designed by Robert Mills and was completed by Thomas Casey and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The construction was ceased in between due to the lack of funding and thus had two phases of construction, one private (1848-1854) and one public (1876-1884). It was accessible by the public on the 9th of October, 1888.

Physical Description:
Labeled as the world’s tallest obelisk and world tallest stone structure, the Washington Monument stands around 170 meters tall. It was regarded as the tallest stone structures in the world if measured from their pedestrian entrances. It wears Egyptian attire, with a 500-foot tall column and 54-foot tall pyramidion. The monument was constructed using granite, marble, and bluestone gneiss and the interior space is utilized by iron stairs that spiral up the walls with an elevator in the center.

Attractions Around the Washington Memorial:

  •  Besides its historical backdrop, there are tons of other activities you can enjoy in the surroundings of the monument as you will find fresh food, arts, and nightlife scenes. You’ll also find some of the most important nearby attractions here such as:
  • Lincoln Memorial:
    It is a national memorial built to dedicate awe and gratitude to the 16th president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, who shaped the country and tried his best to defend democracy. The memorial has a large seated statue of Lincoln and some inscriptions of his most famous speeches. Because of its colorful historical background, it has become one of the most admired tourist attraction receiving about 6 million tourists per annum.
  • National World War II Memorial:
    National World War II memorial is a famed national memorial dedicated to the 400,000-plus Americans who died during the war. The monument is located between the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial and is free to explore 24 hours a day. It has been an immense source of inspiration for the visitors.
  • US Capitol and the Library of Congress:
    Regarded as the oldest federal cultural institution in the United States, it is arguably the most majestic building in Washington D.C. Here, national policies and laws are created by the members of the Congress while the visitors can tour the place. The facility constitutes three buildings and houses more than 164 million books, maps, sound recordings, pieces of sheet music, photographs, and manuscripts, the library of Congress was entitled as “the largest library in the world”. It is greatly admired by the tourists as it offers free tours of the place.
  • Vietnam Veterans and Korean Veterans Memorials:
    Commonly known as “the Wall”, Vietnam Veterans Memorial is a long black granite wall with more than 58,000 names of Americans on it who sacrificed their lives for the sake of their motherland. Korean Veterans Memorial is sited on the east side of the Mall, dedicated to 1.5 million brave people who served in “The Forgotten War”. The site contains 19 stainless steel statues of soldiers in action. These heart-breaking sites are greatly admired by tourists as they evoke powerful thoughts and a feeling of patriotism. The memorials are free to explore 24 hours a day.

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