Costa Rica – a Fascinating and Adventurous Vacation Destination

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a rainforested, rugged Central American country on the Caribbean and Pacific coastlines. Costa Rica is known for its volcanoes, beaches, and biodiversity, besides it is relatively green, prosperous and mountainous, making it an ideal destination for adventurous families.

Costa Rica is sandwiched between Nicaragua and Panama with the Pacific and the Atlantic lapping its shores. This is a beautiful place offering a plethora of activities, wildlife, delicious food, gorgeous beaches and friendly people. The beaches are real paradise offering great diving and surfing. The local food is sure to excite you as they use a variety of flavours and spices.

Plan Rightly
Planning rightly is required, especially during New Year and Christmas periods, as many North Americans take to south flying for winters. The buses and rooms sell weeks ahead, it is best to be savvy to get booked with some private shuttle.

Opt for organized tour
Independent travellers may consider an escorted tour as English is spoken widely and every corner has hotels and hostels. But during peak seasons, the prices go high and the public bus services irregular. Thus, considering a group tour is recommended as you need not fear anything and can enjoy visiting places.

Choose between adventure gateways
La Fortuna and Monteverde are two backpacker favourites of northern Costa Rica and also exceptional for outdoor activities. In case you lack time, do not miss Monteverde for its bohemian hilltop charm.
Do not miss the La Paz Waterfall Gardens that includes a butterfly garden, hummingbird garden, an aviary, big cats, reptiles and lots more.

Pay attention to the caution with respect to weather
December and April are dry seasons, yet visitors must be prepared to see frequent downpours. The skies may look clear, yet you should take your waterproof clothing as you go into the rainforest trips.

Language learning
Good English is spoken by locals, but knowing some Spanish is sure to earn you a warm welcome and kudos, it can boost your power in bargaining.
Costa Rica is an expensive country in Latin America. In fact, for some items such as sunscreen and bottled water, it can rival the USA and UK.

Money Saving Tips

  • Travel in offseason during late April to November as it is the rainy season and it is less expensive with fewer crowds in the beaches.
  • Eat at the Sodas, they are restaurants run by small families and they specialize in affordable local meals and this also includes a drink.
  • Costa Rica is expensive, but visit the cheaper side of Caribbean to see the beautiful country without the Pacific popular destinations with high prices.
  • Most hostels and resorts let your camp. Rent a tent and keep your costs down.
  • Eat at a bakery Musmanni. It is found all over and offers a great special lunch. You can eat the best sandwiches, soda, and pastries, keeping food costs down.
  • Avoid tourist buses, instead, take the local buses that are very slow, but they hardly half the price. However, this is a choice only if you are in no rush.

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