New York City – Most Visited City in America

New York City

The big apple, New York is often known as the “city that never sleeps”. It truly lives up to its reputation, with the art museums along the strip, and the famous landmarks such as the Empire State Building, Central Park, Bohemian Shops, and Metropolitan Museum are the pure epitome of regal of the New York’s character. New York also an eclectic scene of culinary, with New York being the top culturally diverse city in the United States, it houses various international restaurants, ranging from Portuguese, South American, and Asian. Even at night, the city continues its huff and buff at the local art galleries, food scenes, opera shows, and raging nightlife.

Chrysler Building:
The long standing building claimed the title for “World’s Tallest Building” for a long period of time. Chrysler Building has been the glittering pinnacle of New York skyline. Regardless whatever the mood you are in, it is always enlightening you see the remarkable view of the city from the top.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art:
The metropolitan museum of art has been acknowledged by the community on the international basis, it is the place very similar to hallowed ground to the art enthusiasts. You will find a wide array of thoughts running through your mind, consistently going and forth, when you’re viewing the art ranging from the Dutch Masters to Roman Antiquities. There is also a small exhibit of the place in the museum which is dedicated to the older temples that were made throughout the history, you can also experience the firsthand of temple, the place is known as the “Egyptian Wing”.

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts:
Everyone living in the New York has been to the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts at some point in their life; it has always been the center of attention from the hordes of tourists coming from all over the world to experience the magic spell of the New York City. Lincoln Center is grandeur of performing arts; make sure to experience the beauty by attending the iconic water dance show, whenever you’re in the New York. If not just stop by at the watering fountains showcase at the front yard, they present a mesmerizing view; it is something you don’t want to miss out.

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