Maui – Idyllic beaches and verdant mountains


Maui is the second largest island, located in Hawaii State, United States. Maui Island is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, one of the finest tourist places in America. The population of Maui Island is gradually increasing every year and the fast growing buildings as hotels, stores, shopping Center, restaurants, and schools are enticing massive number populaces. The beaches of Maui are so vast that the tourist can easily find a separate place without juggling in the crowd of people, and view the gigantic oceanic beauty. Visitors enjoy surfing, scuba diving, swimming, snorkeling, and similar water sports alongside the shoreline. The most attractive things about Maui Island are the magnificent greenery, sloppy hills, extensive cloud formations and the pleasant beaches. However, the west of Maui Island has something more to offer to its visitors, as the visitors can view the foremost natural beauty of verdant mountains and idyllic bleachers and numerous other developed tourists attractions.

Finest Places to visit in Maui

Hana Highway
The most recommended location of Maui Island; Hana Highway, stretching around sixty miles alongside the border of islands, has something more to offer to the visitors. Hana Highway is not just a highway as it may sound, on every step; visitors can find breathtaking waterfalls, terrific bridges (around the 50s of them), and beaches, places to hike and the rainforest to explore. However, the Hana Highway has treacherous curves and slopes route and the one lane bridges, but the beauty around will make it a perfect place to visit. Stop at the scenic spots, and visitors can also have an opportunity for camping, picnic and exploring the abandoned beaches that come on the way.

Haleakalā National Park
The park covers around thirty thousand acres of land Maui Island. Haleakalā National Park as being the greatest of all parks in the Hawaii state is divided into few sectors for the visitors. The highest peak area; Summit, also known as the volcano area where the volcanoes erupted and left the place deserted but the area is worth to take a visit. There is a spectacular spot at the summit sector; Haleakalā Crater, where the volcanic feature can be seen. The other sector Kipahulu can totally fascinate the guests by its extraordinary view of waterfalls, verdant mountain slopes to hike and the Kipahulu Valley. Overall the park is spectacular to visit and exploring the park would be definitely a fun journey.

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