The Mile-High City – Denver

The Mile-High City - Denver

Denver is rising from the western edge of America’s tall prairies and shadowed by the Rocky Mountains in the surroundings. It’s a wonderful capital of Colorado and lies a few minutes away from the slopes of the Rocky Mountains, precisely one mile above sea level. Therefore, Denver is nicknamed as the Mile-High city, and it goes through four different seasons, making it a perfect place for all sporting such as Skiing, fishing, biking, and hiking. The city sprang up in 1850 right where the first flakes of gold in America were discovered and ever since the Mile-High city continued to grow.

Denver is blessed with three hundred days of sunshine every year. Oodles of tourists from all over the globe visit this wonderful city while the city itself is considered as the sixteenth most populous in America.  Denver is crammed with numerous things to do while visiting with family, as Denver Botanic Gardens is taking in the finest beautify that Colorado has to offer, or you can explore replicated natural habitats of enticing wildlife species such as leopards, monkeys, and elephants. There is so much to explore about the Mile-High city.

Denver: Top Places to Visit
Denver Museum of Nature and Science
The museum itself is quite vast and contains over a million of items relating to nature and science. Denver Museum of Nature and Science is completely free to visit and non-profit educational organization. Visitors can learn a bunch of things about nature and science while keeping the visitors entertained by its fascinating items of latest inventions and discovery. On numerous occasions, Denver Museum of Nature and Science partake in exhibitions, activities, and programs.

Denver Botanic Gardens
The Botanic Garden of Denver is considered as the most enticing location in the city. It attracts over a million visitors through its unique style plantation. Denver Botanic Gardens is located in the central area of Cheesman Park. Visitors can take a tour of this majestic place during the day-light. The spectacular view of the fauna will completely fascinate the tourists, latest research and newly discovered plants and trees will cheer up the visitors. Events, ceremonial programs, and plants exhibitions are occasionally held.

Downtown Aquarium
Downtown Aquarium is home to more than a thousand of aquatic life. The place has a collection of numerous fascinating sharks, dolphins, rays and several other species of marine life. Downtown Aquarium not only serves as a huge aquarium but also it has a lounge and restaurant. Visitors can enjoy watching the aquatic life and enjoy the delicious food at its own restaurant. Explore the lounge area of the place with magnificent lighting and classic view of Aquarium in the surroundings.

Denver Art Museum
Structure of the building of Denver Art Museum is quite captivatingly designed. However, the museum resides various modern, cultural and antique items of art. Visitors can find few substantial art items which would entirely enchant them. Denver Art Museum is opened for the visitor from the early morning till the late night. The museum also dwells several considerable pieces of Indian Art. Explore the museum and learn about the modern and antique style of art like never before.

Denver Zoo
Denver Zoo is one of the visited and paid places in the Mile-High city. The zoo is quite enormous covering more than eighty acres of land. An American black bear was the only animal kept inside this place before it wasn’t the museum. Gradually, the city-funded in the place and it turned into a Denver Zoo. There is the vast number of animals kept inside the museum; visitors will enjoy by watching the magnificent wildlife creatures and exploring the entire Denver Zoo.

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