The Birthplace of a Legend Nina Simone: Restored & Titled as the National Treasure

The Birthplace of Nina Simone in North Carolina, a civil right activist and a famed musician, is registered (by the National Trust for Historic Preservation) as a National Treasure. The intent for such an act is to sustain the legacy of this well-renowned jazz artist in some way. Nina’s music and her efforts to clash for civil rights have given her such an immense prominence that her legacy still lives in the current day. Nina Simone passed away in 2003 and left a special impact along with 40 albums put out by her during her lifetime. The perpetuated home is a plain three bedroom house at 30 East Livingston Street, Tryon North Carolina is a major attraction for jazz lovers in North Carolina.

However, the restoration process of this house was formerly executed by the endorsement of group of artists among which were Ellen Gallagher a filmmaker, Julie Mehretu a painter, Adam Pendleton a sculptor, and Rashid Johnson a famed artist. The house and the birthplace of Nina Simone worth around $95,000 USD; another $250,000 was spent to restore and preserve the house for display and showcase. the house had been dilapidation for quite some years, even though the people who bought the house had the aims to preserve the house along with Nina Simone’s legacy. Special measures are taken by the National Trust President and Chief Executive Officer Stephanie Meeks to make sure the preservation is done specifically to honor such a legend.

The house held a ceremony to make the intentions officials (although the aims aren’t confirmed by the owners), on that occasion, Nina’s sister (Frances Wayman) expressed her emotions claiming that her sister was a colossal impact on the people and the preservation of this house conveys her efforts to the coming generations which is quite an intriguing thing to act upon.

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