Atlanta – The Largest and Capital City of Georgia

Atlanta - The Largest and Capital City of Georgia

Atlanta is one of the most populous and largest cities in America. It’s the capital and most populated city of Georgia, located in the southeastern part of the state. Atlanta is the place where few important American history moments have taken places such as the Civil Right Movement and Civil War in 1960’s. The majority portion of Atlanta is developed, full of skyscrapers, and the best part of the city is covered in the thick canopy of forests, making it recognized as the forest city of America.

Atlanta is best known as the finest city in America while playing an imperative role as an economic and a cultural center. Over several million tourists from all over the world visit and explore this magnificent city every year. However, the city has much to offer for the visitors, and it partakes in four different seasons including the snowfall in winters and hot summer days. Visiting Atlanta with family would definitely fascinate the visitors as it’s a home to a gigantic aquarium, Olympic Park, museums, theaters, and zoo. There is always much more to explore about Atlanta.

Finest Attractions of Atlanta
Georgia Aquarium
Georgia Aquarium is the largest aquarium in the western hemisphere. The aquarium holds over ten million gallons of salt water containing numerous species of aquatic life. The most visited and enticing place in Atlanta is Georgia Aquarium due to its oversize aquarium and fascinating display of aquatic life. Visiting this aquarium with children is quite preferable as it will completely enchant them. However, the aquarium itself was once known as the largest in the world for seven years between the years of 2005 to 2012.

Centennial Olympic Park
Centennial Olympic Park is located in the downtown of Atlanta, covering more than twenty-one acres of land. The city’s most seasonal and traditional events take place in the park. However, it was built in 1996 as the host of Summer Olympic Games in America. Visitors can explore the park and would be able to view the city’s greatest skyscrapers with a spectacular view of the plantations in the surroundings. A massive number of visitors visiting Centennial Olympic Park are recorded every year.

High Museum of Art
It is one of the oldest art museums of Georgia, built in 1905 and ever since it has been attracting a considerable number of tourists. The reason for the great tourists’ attraction is that it has particular renowned items including modern, European, contemporary and antique style painting, drawing, and sculptures. High Museum of Art fascinates the visitors on every step by its extraordinary collection of art. The museum is opened for the tourists from early morning to late night.

Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site
Martin Luther King, a remarkable African American leader, Baptist minister, and activist play a crucial role in Civil Right Movement in 1960’s. Therefore, to give homage; Atlanta has a ceremonial site as Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site. The place consists of a church and home where the Martin Luther King was raised. Visitors will enjoy exploring the Martin Luther Historical Site while the interesting information and object related to Martin Luther will enhance your tour. The Martin Luther Site covers thirty-five acres of Land; there is much to explore.

World of Coca-Cola
It’s a wonderful museum depicting the history of Coca-Cola, covers more than twenty acres of land. Yearly, it attracts about a million visitors. World of Coca-Cola is entertaining the visitors by the enticing history of Coca-Cola and the initial models of its bottles. Visitors can enjoy the museum while exploring its finest spots and can learn much about the world most famous drink Coca-Cola.

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