Bryce Canyon National Park – The Marvel of Dramatic Rock Formations

Bryce Canyon National Park - The Marvel of Dramatic Rock FormationsBryce Canyon National Park is located in the state of Utah. It is distinguished by the major feature that it is not categorically a canyon but an assemblage of natural colossal amphitheaters and dramatic spire shaped hoodoos. Bryce Canyon National Park showcases a vivid image of bright red, orange and white rock formation all over its territory which are, indeed, hard to find anywhere else in the country, and also the breathtaking views of the colorful natural rock formations are one of the major reasons to appeal the visitors.

Bryce Canyon National Park covers over thirty-five thousand acres of land and it attracts over four million tourists from all around the world yearly. Bryce Canyon National Park is a wonder to wander. Its idiosyncratic rocks and features gave it a title of the most wonderful and distinctive national park in the country with its fascinating history and activities to enjoy. It is a great place to visit and even spend a short vacation in any season.

Bryce Canyon National Park was initially settled by the Mormon pioneers in the mid-19th century, and it is named after famous Mormon pioneer Ebenezer Bryce who homesteaded the area for a while in the year 1875. However, in the year 1923, the area become National Monument for its breathtaking natural exhibits and it officially became the National Park in 1928. This canyon, as per all the other canyons, was formerly inhabitant to Native Americans around ten thousand years ago and those people were dependent on the surroundings of this area.

In the late 18th century, the European Americans investigated this area along with its potential benefits of agriculture and gazing. There were also scientific expeditions held to map out the area and many tried to settle in the east of the Bryce Canyon along with the river. With the constant supply of droughts and over gazing, the inhabitants had to build water diversion channels to control it.

The Bryce Canyon National Park offers a majority of outdoor spellbinding activities to its visitors while in its territory. Some of the renowned activities include camping, hiking, exploring the geology festivals, backcountry hiking expeditions, and Ranger Programs to discover the core charm of this wonder. Among best activities are camping and hiking which are equipped with proper and standardized facilities, appropriate ground routes, and guidance by the administration of the park. For camping, there are specific locations, as for RV’s there are other allotted grounds.

Hiking is also performed with a guided Ranger Programs and programs for kids – these programs let the visitors learn about the core information, its habitat, and atmosphere. Ranger Programs are divided into different categories; Children friendly programs, full moon hikes, snowshoe hikes, astronomy programs, and even evening programs and rim walk expeditions. The park also offers myriads of activities for winters when the park is brimming with snow including snowshoe and cross-country skiing.

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