The John F. Kennedy Space Center – The Paradise for Space Lovers

The John F. Kennedy Space Center – The Paradise for Space LoversThe John F. Kennedy Space Center is one of the American top-notch National Aeronautics & Space Administration field centers, located in the heart of Merritt Island, Florida, United States. It has some riveting reasoning for being the major source of attraction for Space lovers, as well as visitors from all around the world; John F. Kennedy Space Center is home to a bunch load of knowledge and exhibits regarding preeminent space missions including the Apollo, Project Mercury, Skylab, and several others. It has been the NASA’s primary launch center for human flight space missions since the year 1968.

The famous Kennedy Space Visitor Complex depicts the attractions regarding the significant Space Shuttle programs and human flight space missions. This facility was found after the President Dwight Eisenhower who created NASA in the year 1958, and in early 1962 it was named as NASA Launch Operations Center. Later, in the esteem of President John F. Kennedy, the facility was named to honor the president as John F. Kennedy Space Center.

What’s so special about it?
Visitors can enjoy exploring this magnificent space complex from 9 AM to 6 PM and learn about the prominent space programs and operations, as well as rocket launching. The most renowned Apollo 11 Space Program took place in 1969 and began from this Space Center which holds the title of being one of the very first successful operations to reach the surface of the moon. The five hundred feet tall Vehicle Assembly Building is where the NASA stacks the largest space vehicles. The Operations & Checkout

Building is home to the astronaut team quarters, it also houses a three-mile Shuttle Landing Facility, and the renowned Visitor Complex full of fascinating space exhibits. The Kennedy Space Center Visitor attracts over one and a half million people yearly. However, the number of employees ranging up to the thirteen-thousand in this outstanding Space Center.

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex:
The Visitor Complex is filled with attractions dedicated to space flights and space traveling, some of the most well-known attractions include the Saturn V Center, the IMAX film theatre, Astronaut Hall of Fame, the Saturn V Rocket, and the Astronaut Encounter Theatre interacting with the visitors and responding from the built-up experience the astronauts have gained. The Apollo and the Saturn V Center takes up the majority of the attention and attracts the visitors entering the area.

Some of the well-known items include the restored Saturn V launch vehicle, an Apollo capsule and two theater rooms to simulate distinctive experiences. It also houses other additive locations like the Rocket Garden which contains un-functional rockets and vehicles that increase the amount of enticement for the visitors.

The American military had been performing their launch operations here since 1949, and then in the year 1959, it became the Launch Operations Directorate under the NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. At the time of President John F. Kennedy, this place was allotted to instigate the human-flight space launch operations, and named after the 35th president John F. Kennedy and it is still in the process of accumulation after President Kennedy was shot in the years 1963. Now, the John F. Kennedy Space Center stands as one of the top-notch attraction portraying the science of space traveling with thousands of breathtaking exhibits.

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