US Travelling Tips – 5 Things Your Travel Agents Don’t Tell You


Traveling itself is awesome, and when we pick a place like the US to travel to, that gets more awesome and exciting. We have lots of imaginations in our mind and want to make our trip as successful as possible. Travel agents are respectable in this regard; they are our respected helpers setting our trips and getting a fraction of the money for their efforts to make our trip immensely pleasing. But, there a few things that travel agencies hide on account of unseen reasons. No problem, get an idea about those never told things from this article and don’t hesitate to hire a travel agent. Just read this article, let travel guides set your trip and be ready to taste new flavors and explore new people, their culture, lifestyle, and history.

A travel agent doesn’t tell you:

1. You don’t Necessarily Need Me
In the age of the internet, everything has become simpler and easier to get close to, the same goes true for the TICKET prices and monthly schedules. Many people, who are expert internet users, can easily find up the best prices by straining the lots of options available online. Anyhow, if you hire a travel agent, he/she will handle all this and that of prices for the commission.

2. Why I Want Your Trip to be More Extravagant and Lavishing
The commission earned by travel agents is a fraction of the cost you pay to the travel agency as the total expense of your trip. The higher your bill goes, the better payment he/she receives. That is why, they tend to make you think about more lavishing options and have a more convenient, dreamy trip. Though many people get provoked by them, this is not a negative aspect because the more money you spend, the more lavishing trip you will have. If you think you cannot afford a lot, you must stay persistent whatever travel agents want you to do.

3. I will Charge You for the Service
No doubt, mostly the travel agents are paid by commissions by travel companies; there is another variety of service agents. These kinds of travel agents don’t tell you that they will charge you for particular tasks besides the commission they are sure to receive by the company.

4. I am Not Familiar with Every Vacation Spot
It is also an assumption that it is not sure your hired travel agents has better knowledge than yours regarding what to do and what to visit in a country. He/she may supply you quality information about the place; you cannot wholly rely upon the opinion, you must make some research to know what is worth seeing and worth enjoying at the place you are visiting.

5. I May Make an Error
Though it is not frequent as every travel agent tries to fulfill the duty, it may happen that flight time and booking fall victim to a blunder made by the agent. So, always confirm the information lest your trip should be ruin only by travel agent mistake.

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