Things to Consider before You Travel to America


America, around 50 United States and with fervently evolving industry and lifestyle, is a vast place to visit with countless things to do. It has New York, with skyscrapers, and Hollywood star industry renowned in every corner of the world. It is vast in every aspect of life. So visiting an enormous square on the earth can be confusing along with being exciting. Below are given a few top points to consider before your travel to this huge hub of buildings and starts. If you keep in mind these things, your visit is safer, healthier and fuller with enjoyment and relaxation without getting confused frequently.

1. America is Big
It is 3.8 million square miles big spot on our planet. Going from one place to another, you need to spend hours in travel. It may occur that you pick up two different places to visit in a day and the journey between takes hours from your valuable time. So, make a time rich schedule to want to enter the realm of excitement and grandeur the country is known for.

2. Accent Problem
You might be good in English pronunciation having received lots of appreciations from your teacher and people around in your local town. But, the American accent is different from your local accent. At least learn a few essential phrases in their accent, so that your safety and healthy is not at risk. If you are suffering from some allergy or frequent ailment, learn to tell it to the doctor in their accent. If you don’t know how to do so, keep essential documents related to the facts with you to avoid problems.

3. Different Pronunciations
As America has lots of states mixed up, the pronunciation may differ from state to state. So, if you face little pronunciation differences, don’t get confused, try to use your sense of adjustment at your best.

4. Festivals are for Everyone
This big country offers festivals for every type of visitors. There are wonderful, weird and around all types of festivals and activities for both locals and tourists. If you visit, don’t forget to enjoy the real entertainment – the festivals.

5. Americans are Keenly Friendly
You will see how friendly their conduct is! But bear in mind, it is the result of their communication education rather than their personality attribute. Don’t expect too much from their friendly behavior; they do that mechanically.

6. Generous Tips
Tips are a vital part of the income of different low-wagers like restaurant waiters; taxi drivers, etc. so get prepared for at least one dollar tip from occasion to occasion. Sometimes, you are not even given a choice to spare this tip from your budget; they will add it to your bill as a gratuity so that you have to give it.

7. Airport Security
The TSA of the country are quite humorless, and the process is quite annoying. You need to stay without joke and thoroughly serious during the process.

8. Price Tags are without Tax
Price tags in America don’t show included taxes; hence you have to pay more than the listed price.

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