San Francisco City – The Heart of California

San Francisco City – The Heart of CaliforniaSan Francisco is located on the tip of a peninsula in California state, encircled by the stunning San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean on the northern Californian coast. It is a hilly city with over forty-three hills residing in the region. San Francisco is a major and most densely populated, financial and commercial center of the California state. The light fog throughout the seasons remains in the city. Golden Gate Bridge is one of the country’s longest bridge connecting Marin County.

San Francisco’s iconic Cable Car journey is a must-visit to all the passengers which has been the city’ iconic attractions for several years. The Cable Car journey passes through some of the most significant historic Victorian Houses and other city attractions, as well as the Cable Cars, are the best way to explore the charms of the city, effortlessly climbing the hills.

To taste the freshly prepared seafood meals, experience boat riding, visitors can head to Fisherman’s Wharf. Alcatraz Island is also the major attraction, located off-shores in San Francisco with abundant sites to explore; Alcatraz Island is only reachable by ferry or air ride. From boat riding to seafood, family friendly attractions, historic houses, and luxury accommodations, San Francisco has it all for the tourists.

What Not to Miss in San Francisco?

  • The Financial District: The Financial District of San Francisco is nicknamed as the Wall Street of the American West. The city’s most renowned skyscrapers and office blocks are located in the Financial District which emerges the skylines of the city. Transamerica Pyramid building, in the heart of Financial District, is the most famous post-modern building of San Francisco city with over two-hundred and sixty meters of height.
  • San Francisco Chinatown: Chinatown is one of the not-to-miss attraction of the city, without exploring the exotic world of Chinatown, the city tour is tour is imperfect. It is home to the largest Chinese settlement outside of Asia. It is situated on three hills with many stores, decorated balconies, vendors, and the tasting of authentic Chinese cuisines is highly recommended.
  • Victorian Houses (the Painted Ladies): The term painted ladies is devoted to the colorful Victorian Houses of San Francisco. Visitors can explore the charms of the Victorian Houses and step back in the long-forgotten era of America history. The exquisite Victorian styled works of architecture on the houses enchants the visitors.
  • Palace of Fine Arts: It is the most recommended monumental building to browse in the city. After the worst earthquake in the history of San Francisco, Palace of Fine Arts was rebuilt and renovated in a Roman Palace style architecture with even more fascinating wall sculptures, towers, and other enticing structures.
  • Golden Gate Park: It is the largest city parks in the country. Tourists can find numerous captivating fountains, sculptures, lush plantations, and many other attractions throughout the territory of Golden Gate Park. The Japanese Garden in Park houses some of the authentic sculptures and attractions imported from Japan. It is a perfect spot for everyone to enjoy.

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