Rhode Island – A Home of Luxury Mansions and Beaches

Rhode Island – A Home of Luxury Mansions & BeachesRhode Island is the smallest state of the United States of America, despite its size, it is known to be the second most densely populated state in the country. Rhode Island, despite its name, isn’t an island, Nevertheless, 14% of the state resides inlets and bays, and there over thirty small islands located in the Rhode Island’s Narragansett Bay region.

The Atlantic coasts of Rhode Island resides some of the most charming oceanic views, beaches, attractions; earning the state a nickname as the Ocean State. Newport is tourist most favorite resort which is home to fabulous beaches and many historic mansions such as the Breakers, Marble, and Elms, who were owned by the American wealthiest and most influential families.

Most of the historic American wealthiest families like the Vanderbilt’s and Astor’ came to Rhode Island from the New York to sail their yachts and enjoy the spectacular private beaches. The Newport Cliff Walk runs through many of those luxury mansions and offers magnificent views with abundant history. The historic Colonial and Gothic Revival architecture of the buildings can be found throughout the state. Rhode Island attracts several million tourists from all over the globe yearly, as well as, it is perfect to tour the Rhode Island whether it’s summer or winters.

Rhode Island’s Must-Visit Historic Landmarks

  • Providence Athenaeum: it is country’s fourth oldest library founded in the year 1753, the exquisite Gothic Revival architecture of Providence Athenaeum was built in early 1840’s. it is opened for the visitors from early morning until late night.
  • The Rhode Island State House:The State House building of Rhode Island is known for having the first marble dome in the country. Also, the State House dome is the world’s fourth largest dome with a magnificent architecture of the building.
  • First Baptist Church in America: As the name indicates, it is the first Baptist church of the country which was built in 1638 by Roger Williams. In the year 1775, the architecture of the building of this church was completed, and it also considered as the most significant landmark of the state.
  • Westminster Arcade: Also known as Providence Arcade, is the American oldest indoor shopping mall built in 1828 and listed as the National Historic Landmark in the 1970s. Step back in the century; explore this shopping mall with many attractions and immense history.
  • BlithewoldMansion, Gardens, and Arboretum: It is opened for the visitors from late morning until the early evening. Blithewold Mansion, Gardens and Arboretum offer visitors a great chance to explore the charming plantation, mansion, and fascinating history.
  • Touro Synagogue: it is situated in the Newport island and mainly known for being the oldest synagogue building in the entire country. Visitors from all over the globe come visit this oldest synagogue building of the country.
  • John Brown House: it is tourist favorite historic site located in Providence, Rhode Island. John Brown House is the region’s first mansion and it is named after its owner, John Brown.

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