Lassen National Park – The Spotlight of California

Home to four types of volcanoes, Lassen National Park is an American National Park, situated on the northeastern side of the border of California.  Lassen Peak, which is labeled as the largest plug dome volcano around the globe is the major feature of the park. In the year 1907, President Theodore Roosevelt began this park as two separate national monuments, namely Cinder Cone National Monument and Lassen Peak National Monument. It is filled with the lush greenery and a number of trees, mainly spruce and fir, with a small number of shimmering lakes and streams. Warner Valley on the southern part of the park houses a large number of hot springs, namely Boiling Springs Lake, Devils Kitchen, and Terminal Geyser. The Lava Plateau features several cinder cones including the Crater Butte, Hat Mountain, and Fairfield Peak. Wildflowers and meadows can also be witnessed here. The park receives high precipitation throughout the year. A diversity of wildlife can be witnessed here. These include the black bears, bats, skunk, long-toed salamander, a large number of chipmunks with a wide variety of species, raccoon, pika, mule deer, cougar, brown creeper, red fox, bobcat, woodpecker, weasel, and many others. A large range of flowers and plants such as Ponderosa, Sugar pine, Lupin, Lodgepole Pine, satin lupine, Western white pine, woolly mule’s-ear, Mountain Hemlock, Rock Spirea, and many others can be found here.

Charms of Lassen National Park:

It’s no wonder why this park is regarded as one of the most renowned and most visited tourist attractions as it offers its visitors different experiences, scenic views and attractions, enough for getting your mind relaxed and best spot for spending vacations with family in family-friendly ambiance. Lava rocks from the last eruption are scattered over a wide area, enabling its visitors to witness a unique scenery. Some of the attractions of Lassen National Park are:

  • Lassen Peak: Lassen Peak or Mount Lassen is the most interesting and significant spot in this park. It is an active volcano, last erupted in the early 1900s. It has a number of long and short trails, which the visitors enjoy the most. Some of the most practiced activities here are snowshoeing, hiking, skiing, and climbing. This marvel of nature is one of the most visited tourist attractions, visited by approximately 305,000 people per annum.
  • Lassen National Forest: Lassen National Forest is one unique and immensely scenic spot, perfect for spending some family time as it is fully geared with roads, trails, and other necessary things. Named after Peter Lassen, this 1,700 square miles territory has a rich diversity of wildlife as mentioned above. Other than that, it offers a number of recreational opportunities such as hiking and camping.
  • Manzanita Lake: Another important spot in Lassen National Park, Manzanita Lake is a flow of shimmering water, located at the entrance of the park. Visitors can camp on its’s banks. Fishing is mostly enjoyed here by the visitors. Loomis Museum is an important feature of Manzanita Lake.
  • Mount Tehama: This dead volcano, also known as the Broke-off Volcano is very famous among the mountaineers and hikers. Experienced hikers and mountain climbers report a completely different perspective of Lassen Peak from the top of Mount Tehama.

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