Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon is a deep gorge canyon sculpted by Colorado River in Arizona, United States. It is flavored with different and distinct colors of the land and it also hijacks the human mind through its gigantic size. It has two sides, South Rim and North Rim. South Rim is the best part, also known as the most developed area, which is open all over the months while South Rim is only open for a season.

South Rim facilitates services such as hotels, water stations and bus etc. to travel easily and safely. For its specialties Pipe Creek Vista (considerable canyon among Kaibab Trail Shuttle and Bright Angel Trail) and Yavapai Point (having Museum of Geology, the uniquely crafted art show, 3D projects and photography’s reflecting the decompositions of rocks and nature), it is more crowded.

Scenic Canyon River adventure adds on three places other than Grand Canyon to explore. Tourists will be 4 wheeled to world known Antelope Canyon (color breath and heart taking rocks and sands which indulge the visitors into itself) and will be floating to Colorado River through majestically imposing Glen Canyon. What a hilarious and thrilling way for a tourist to taste the joy. Land and water will have a huge impact on the memories. While walking through elk and other wild animals can also be scooped.

Tourists can also experience the ups and downs of the white river, the ColoradoRiver in one whole day only. The feeling of being wet will refresh and excite every circuit of mind where water explodes from underground spring to create a beautiful waterfall. Food and beverages are also available to add extra spice to the heartiest happiness.

There will also be a moment to feel royal and Richie rich by flying high with Grand CanyonHelicopters. The feel of dropping heartbeat can`t be described even after experiencing. It would be full of comfort with bucket type seats, gazing the depth of the canyon. Colorado`s color soothes the emotions even more by appearing in a variety of colors, deep red to robin`s egg blue and more. Moreover, Colorado River has also one of pleasing look where it makes an impressive loop of Horseshoe bend downstream the Glen Canyon dam, around the rocky cape. It is a photogenic site for visitors and attracts everyone. The Grand Canyon national park airport, Tusayan hotels or Maswik Lodge in the park views are included in Smooth water float trip, which passes by Glen Canyon before the start of Grand Canyon.

There is also an antique ride of mules, which fascinates every tourist to the peak as everyone desires to have a natural one, but they are only 10 in numbers. It drives the visitors to the bottom of Grand Canyon, mostly for stay at Phantom Ranch. Phantom Ranch is a secured, serene and tranquil spring situated deep in heart of Canyon, it has cabins with all facilities of bedding, washroom and every requirement.

For hikes, there are many trials to choose such as Bright Angel, South Kaibab, Tanner, Grandview and Hermit etc.

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