US Beaches facts are best to know and work as useful travel tips

US Beaches facts are best to know and work as useful travel tipsUS beaches are the main attraction that it always has an influx of tourists coming from far and wide. Of course, now the tourists also consider various facts and features before proceeding to a place. Here are some travel tips to US beaches that may be of help.

Leadbetter Beach, Santa Barbara, California
The sandy beaches stretch of Santa Barbara’s Leadbetter beach will offer its visitors to see more birds. During mid-August, you will notice that you are accompanied by cormorants, curlews, dunlin, and stilts popping with you in the waves in and out. If you are fortunate, you can also see the blue heron.  You can always enjoy refreshments at the Boathouse restaurant.

Note: Check the tides and have an alert eye to escape the rocky outcrops that are in between the sheer cliffs if there are incoming tides.

Wingaersheek Beach, Massachusetts
Wingaersheek beach is to the Gloucester north. This beautiful little beach is located into Ipswich Bay where Annisquam River flows. It has hard-packed sand extending into the river and appears very clean at low tide. At a distance, you can see the Annisquam lighthouse. There is Barn Rock an outcrop in the center of the beach providing kids to play in the numerous tide pools. In summers, restrooms lifeguards, showers and concessions are given. You can reach by bike or car to Wingaersheek beach taking the winding roads easily.

Note: The car park gets filled fast.

Siesta Key Beach, Florida
Siesta Key beach has pristine white sand and has quartz deposited from the Appalachian Mountains few millions of years ago. This is the reason that this beach in Florida is cool even during the hottest weather. It is a great place for relaxing or sport. In fact, the sheltered waters are easy for all abilities swimmers. Reach by bus or take a taxi from Sarasota.

Note: The Sea minerals are clear, visitors can also enjoy free access and parking.

Long Beach Island, New Jersey
This is a paradise for beach-lovers and is the most visited beach as it takes hardly an hour from New York. There is white sand for miles, and it offers a refreshing change than the east coast overdeveloped beaches. The island is small, but there is no dearth of variety. There is boutique shopping, fairground, and Beach Haven Surf Park.

Note: There are beachfront residences near Barnegat lighthouse to the north of the island of celebrities, and so you can see them if they are on summer vacation.

Edisto Beach, South Carolina
This is a relatively unspoiled beach on the US eastern coast and the truth is that still, most people outside South Carolina are not aware of this beach. It is a fascinating place to unwind and relax. Here visitors can go around on a leisurely cycle, stop at places of their choice to capture scenic views photographs, hop on a boat and go on a tour to know the cultural history or also to take a dip in the sea.

Note: This beach is just an hour’s drive from Charleston.

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