Shasta Dam – A Gigantic Concrete Arch – Gravity Dam

Initially known as the Kennett Dam, Shasta Dam was one massive project of United States Government. It is a concrete arch-gravity dam, located in the Northern part of California, United States of America and was built along the side if Shasta Lake. With a height of 602-ft (183m), it is labeled as the eighth tallest dam in United States. This 29,740-acre (12,040 ha) facility serves as a multipurpose dam including flood control, water storage, production of HEP (hydroelectricity), and serves as a protective barrier against the saline water. The storage capacity of about 4,552,000 acre-feet (5,615 GL) makes it one of the largest reservoirs in the United States of America. Over the years, it had greatly served in the production of electricity, such as in the WW II, it currently plays a major role in water management in California.


Work on this gigantic man-made structure was initiated in 1944 in an isolated town of Coram, near Kennett. It was completed in 1945 at the cost of $500 million- $1 billion. At the time of its completion, it was ranked as the second highest dam in the world, with Hoover Dam being the highest.

Nearby Attractions & Charms of Shasta Dam:

Shasta dam became increasingly popular in the past years among the tourists as well as geography experts as it provides tons of different and incompatible experiences. This tall concrete giant has many natural as well as man-made attractions that are included in every person’s must-visit list and is perfect for a family trip. Some of the most popular tourist attractions incorporate:

  • Shasta Lake: The Shasta Lake is sited in the Central Valley (also known as the city of Shasta Lake, in the Shasta County of California, United States of America. It serves as a water supply to the Shasta Dam. Shasta Lake is one of the most visited tourist attractions around the globe as it offers a variety of activities to its visitors with tons of experiences as well as scenes to witness. This 30,000-acre shimmering water body is a perfect spot for spending summer vacations along friends and family. Boating and swimming (only for experienced swimmers) are the activities most enjoyed by the people.
  • Sacramento River National Recreational Trail: Trails are most popular among the expert hikers or bikers as they are mostly exhausting but Sacramento River National Recreational Trail is one of those trails, where people can have a relaxing stroll on this paved trail, along the side of Sacramento River which gives the effects of peacefulness and a healthy environment with some scenic views for the visitors to enjoy. People usually come here to relieve their anxiety. As it is mostly flat, bikes as well dogs are also allowed on this trail.
  • Lake Shasta Caverns: A long chain of limestone caves, Lake Shasta Caverns is one of the most renowned tourist destinations here. Also known by the names of “Chalk Cave” or “Baird Cave”, this natural facility provides its visitors a geological adventure, allowing the visitors to witness the glory of caverns. This is a family spot.

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