Michigan and Its Splendid Must-Visit Places

Michigan Avenue Bridge

A home of the must-visit tourist attractions and the city of Detroit, Michigan is a beautiful Midwestern American state where there are countless places to see. Let’s see some of Michigan’s most splendid places.

Mackinac Island
Fan of a West World TV series? Well, this is a place that resembles with it, because it is designed with a view of the historic period.  Take a look at a simpler way of life before buses and cars used to roam the cities, and the fun thing is, you have to take a ferry to reach the island. A day wandering around Mackinac Village shops, Fort Mackinac and old town in horse-drawn carriages is a day well spent.

Isle Royale National Park
Located near the Canadian frontier, in the northwest of Lake Superior is Isle Royale National Park which is a home of deep forest that includes rare wildlife from wolves, foxes, moose, otters, ospreys to a pure remote never-seen-before wilderness experience. This place is ideal for hiking and boat trips from Houghton and Cooper Harbor to Minnesota and Grand Portage.

Picture Rocks National Seashore
What can make your trip more soothing than watching shores of Lake Superior where natural art is abundant. By natural art, it, in fact, means bright copper, iron and manganese oxide rocks with the background of beautiful landscapes offering a mix of dunes, cliffs, beaches and rocky shoreline. If you have read Sidney Sheldon’s novel ‘Master Of the Game’ you will know how it feel to sail in a human-made raft and how can it be crashed. Anyway, this place is famous for hiking, camping and boating amid of the lush green forest and beautiful inland lakes and rivers.

Michigan Historical Museum at Lansing
Learning some of the Michigan’s ancient history can make you familiar with this place better. This museum not only houses the inside interior but also exhibits from the industrial history of the history of states first people. From permanent galleries to changing events, one can never get tired of its offerings.

University Of Michigan
A view of its gothic architect makes it a must-see place not to mention its 2800 acres enormous surroundings and buildings that also include Law Quadrangle, the Power Centre for the Performing Arts and the National History Museum. There are many places to check out like Kelsey Museum of Archaeology which is a home of Mediterranean civilization. On the other side, there is University of Michigan Museum of Arts and  Matthaei Botanical Gardens. These attractions offer the most splendid environment.

Mackinac Bridge
What if there is a bridge that looks extra beautiful than any other popular bridge of US? Mackinac Bridge is said to be one of its kind. This bridge connects Lower Peninsula to the Upper Peninsula at St. Ignace, and it holds the title of being the longest suspension spans in the world. That’s not all, this mighty bridge also has a museum dedicated to it, known as Mackinac Bridge Museum, displaying lots of interesting and original artifacts from the construction that are the almost century old.

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