Missoula – A Heaven In The West Of Montana!


If you are planning a trip to Montana, on its western side at rue Clark Fork River is where Missoula is located, and it is truly a magical place to be in. It is the second largest city of Montana in term of the population that is mainly because it is also a university town. If you call yourself an outdoor enthusiast, Missoula has truly most exciting scenery to offers not to mention its dramatic location where five mountains range cover it leading to it be called ‘The Hub Of Five Valleys’. It is a bliss for adventure seekers. Let’s see must-see places of Missoula.

The Elk County Visitor Center
Located on Grant Creek Road, this is a must-visit place in Missoula, not only it displays great wildlife conservation efforts. It is a place for a hike, and to see the huge conserved population of white-tailed deer, bald eagles, turkeys, and owls.

The historical museum at Fort Missoula
After hiking through mountain trails and watching the lush beauty of Missoula, many visitors feel peace at the Historical Museum at Fort Missoula. This museum was established in 1877 and it provides an enchanting look on the history of this place. This place offers from historical artifacts of early settlers of townsfolk, settlers and soldiers to fun educational programs and guided tours.

A Carousel for Missoula
Build only a decade ago by few volunteers; this amazing carousel offers a dozens of hand-carved horses and other creatures and the famous Lucky Red Ringer and exciting chariot rides. There is also located a Children’s Museum Missoula where kids can have true fun experience by exploring various educational activities and displays.

Lolo National Forest
Prest in Missoula, not only a famous tourist place but also the most important timber area of Montana state.  Spreading across 2 million acres, it is a beautiful lush evergreen place and home for diverse flora and fauna. Popular activities include fishing, hiking, skiing, biking and trail riding and in winters don’t miss out the snowmobiling. Meanwhile watch out for the local habitats like grizzly and black bears, moose, and mountain goats.

Historic Wilma Theatre
Missoula is not only famous for its landscapes and mountain ranges, but numerous festivals and annual events are held there at Historic Wilma Theater. It is a place to catch the show and events like popular International Wildlife Film Festival, literary events, and major concerts. This historic theater house banquet, restaurant, two cinemas, and a lavish interior.

Mount Woody
Other than the places mentioned above, Missoula has countless other tourists National Recreation Area Attractions Like St. Francis Xavier Church, Rattlesnake, The Montana Snow Bowl, But Mount Woody, also known as Mount Sentinel is a place worth visiting. A place to take a view from a 1958-foot-tall mountain over the city east site near the University Of Missoula. This place remains a popular hiking destination offering various routes and nature trails and a chance of spotting pristine wildlife like black bears and falcons.

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