Mount Lafayette in the White Mountains

Franconia Ridge Trail

North of Boston, the White Mountains, are mountains of the Appalachian Range, not very high in altitude, the highest point, Mount Washington, is at 6289 feet (1900 meters), Mount of the day is Lafayette, at 5249 feet (about 1600 m).

Mount Washington is the highest peak in the Northeast. Located in the heart of the White Mountains in the state of New Hampshire, it rises to 1917 meters above sea level.

In addition to being known for its high altitude, it is internationally recognized for its poor weather conditions. The climate on the mountain can change drastically, making it very unpredictable. Strong winds up to 372km / h have already been recorded at the summit. I was very surprised to see the Summit House tied by heavy chains to prevent the wind from sweeping over it.

The White Mountains Park is about 4 hours’ drive from Montreal. Given its proximity to Quebec, with the Adirondack Park in the State of New York, it is one of the favorite playgrounds for hikers.

The circuit has 4 trails:

  • Falling Waters Trail to the top of Little Haystack – 3.2 mi
  • Franconia Ridge Trail on the ridge to Mount Lincoln and Mount Lafayette – 1.6 mi
  • Greenleaf Trail, down to the refuge, the “Greenleaf Hut” – 1.1 mi
  • Old Bridle Path through the woods to return to the parking lot – 2.9 mi
  • The pleasure of immense! Waterfalls, panoramic views of the mountains on arrival, crossing the ridge is superb.

The waterfalls: Falling Waters Trail
The path climbs rapidly through the forest, following a stream; visitors cross 3 beautiful waterfalls. The sun pierces through the still very green and shiny trees. It’s good in the forest, slightly chilly.

Walking on the ridge: Franconia Ridge Trail
Passing through Mount Lincoln (5089 ft, 1551 m), to Mount Lafayette (5260 ft, 1603 m), visitors pass a line of trees, the rock is bare, at the top! It is easy to appreciate the view. It’s like the summit of a little Haystack at this point, visitors join the famous hiking trail the Appalachian Trail, the famous AT! It is one of the longest hiking trails in the United States, connecting Maine to Georgia, about 3500 km. However, be content with a very small portion.

Next is the most famous part of the hike: the walk on the ridge, which connects the different peaks between them. For several kilometers, the panoramic view embraces all the mountains around: it ripples on all sides. Not a cloud on the horizon in front is the summit of Mount Washington completely cleared.

The Descent: Greenleaf Trail and The Old Bridle Path
The beginning of the descent is perilous: bare rock, full of sharp pebbles and it slips. The next step in the distance is the “hut”, the refuge of the association that manages the Appalachian Trail. It is a stage for walkers who can sleep there-there are some rooms with bunk beds, a kitchen, a large dining room. It’s rustic.

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